Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Vince Sweeney is married to Sharon Elliot Sweeney and they are living in Madison . They have two daughters : Kelsey, 22 and Keara, 18. Vince is employed at the University of Wisconsin - ( oh - like that's a news-flash).

What's he been up to ? " Worked in newspapers for 13 years and have been at UW-Madison, first in the Athletic Department for 18 years and then in the chancellor's office, where I am currently working. Lived in LA for one year while working at the Los Angeles Times, as well as Milwaukee (Journal and Sentinel), but have been in Madison for the greater part of the past 41 years!"

Favorite memory? "Too many good ones to single out. We had a great class. We were lucky."

WooHoo - Gus - see you in July !!

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