Monday, March 15, 2010


Mary Grace Brabender Albedyll is living in De Forest, Wisconsin where she raised her two daughters Tanya, 31 and Tara, 28. She also has one grandchild. She has been employed for 35+ years for the State of Wisconsin. (21 yrs. at DOT - State Patrol; 8 1/2 yrs at Dept. of Administration - State Prosecutors Office; and 6 yrs. at DOC - Human Resources.)

And how did she fill her free time? "Enjoyed myself while raising two wonderful daughters. (Mrs. Goldsworthy was a good role model at Edgewood for women who loved sports.) I ended up coaching my daughter's soccer team for 2 yrs.; coaching swim team; coaching my daughter's softball team for 3 yrs; was official scorekeeper for the travelling basketball teams for 4 yrs.;

Girl Scout Leader; and a Swim Meet Official - Stroke & Turn Judge for 10 yrs.

Besides coaching, I also enjoyed playing co-ed & women's softball for 28 years, golfing, tennis, volleyball, Badger football & basketball games, travelling, & gardening.
During the past few years, I've been teaching my grandson to play soccer, basketball, baseball, and golf, Fun - fun!

I've also been caring for my 99 yr. old father for the past 5 years, since my mother passed away. In High School, my Dad had to drive us around, since we didn't have our license yet. Now I get to chauffeur Dad everywhere and he tells people that I'm the boss now! (Talk about complete role-reversal)"

Some of her favorite memories include "Horseback riding Freshman year along with Barb Milke; Mixed Chorus all through High School; Senior year barn dance; Following the Crucibles Band; Cruising downtown Madison to Club 18 in Margie McGettigan's car; Senior year class vs. faculty baseball game that I was able to play in; Hanging out at Gino's on State Street & Lombardino's; Graduation party at Picnic Point. "

WOW - you're making me feel like a slug - I may have to go edit my profile.

Happy to know we'll see you in July.

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Jim Sachtjen said...

I have memories of Maple Bluff beach in the summertime that are still fresh in my mind