Monday, March 8, 2010


Connie Sweeney Alberti and husband Joel live in Madison. They have three daughters : Jessie is 29, Sarah is 28 and Jamie's 24......and they have 5 grandchildren. Connie is a retired Special Needs Teacher - she taught at Elvehjem Elementary for 9 years and MATC for 8 years.

And what has she been doing? "I spend a lot of time with my children and grandchildren. They are all truely a joy! Joel and I are movie fans and still have a regular Friday night date. We both love to explore small towns and stay at Bed and Breakfasts places. Reading is still a favorite things to do, I belong to a Book Club and love meeting and getting together with some of my old teaching buddies. I am into quilting and belong to a group in Mount Horeb. Occasionally, I enjoy taking a class from U.W. extension or mini-courses. Gardening, interior decorating, birding, being in nature, cooking, music are some of my favorite things to be involved in."

Her memories of EHS........"Enjoying the personalities of my many diverse friends, games, cheerleading and passing notes in class, plays, sleep-overs and toilet papering, and going to the bakery at 5 a.m., or was it 4?"

Thanks Connie


Anna said...

My mother was usually up by 5. I thought it was between 3 and 4. Right around the time we were finished toilet papering.

Mary said...

AAAHHHH the warm donuts - those were the days - we ate them like popcorn.