Friday, March 26, 2010


I am loving some of the comments that have been made to Anna during this process of gathering information...

Golf Outing:

“Do we have to keep score?”


Are you married ?

"I have a ring on my left hand and my wife says yes"

Do you have grandchildren?

"What are grandchildren, you think I am that old or what!! You trying to hustle geezers!!!!!"

Alumni office:

"They already know where to find me."

" Don't tell Denny McKinley about the baton and bunny ears or what page of the senior yearbook to find it. I really do not need a detention!!"

"Hey, if the jury commissioners can find me (five times in two states and two federal courts!!!), I suppose you can put the info in the class directory."

And finally:

"I lost the date and my cell phone calendar will not tell me!!!!!! Is Alzheimer's on the way or what?????

Thanks to all of you for getting on the band wagon and having some fun with is too short to be miserable. There are a few of you who haven't figured that out yet - here's hoping that you find some joy somewhere before the lights go out. Remember, someone else has their finger on the circuit breaker....I'm just sayin' ..........

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