Sunday, January 24, 2010


Reunion To Do List

Start diet
100 sit-ups daily until July 31
Get face-lift
Do arm exercises
Make list of high school memories to discuss at reunion
Dye hair
Restart diet
Get tummy tuck – Scratch the sit-ups
Try to find list of high school memories
Try to remember what was on the first list
Make a new list of high school memories to discuss at reunion
Buy an outfit with long sleeve to cover flabby arms – Scratch arm exercises
Get fake nails and eyelashes
Buy teeth whitening strips
Wear a jacket to hide sagging boobs
Try to find second list of high school memories
Get face waxed to remove beard & moustache
Look in the mirror and see the new me.
Pick self up off of floor
Wear a nametag – No one will recognize me, I barely do!


Friday, January 15, 2010


Ginko Biloba is an herb that is supposed to help your memory..... my darling children used to tell people that "mom bought some Ginko Biloba but she forgot where she put it"....ha ha ha aren't they cute........anyway.......what was I saying? Oh yeah - I think we should all stock up. This has been my favorite remark so far, made by Anna Caravello Stebbins when asked a question: "Oh no...I have no recollection. I am looking forward to the reunion so someone can tell me what I did for four years!"

Send me your memories - if you have any.


Saturday, January 9, 2010


"Has anyone seen my pompoms? In anticipation of our reunion, I thought that I would try doing a cheer. Crusaders we are…Crusaders we are… I know the reason I pulled something in my leg is that I did not have my pompoms! I mean what else could it be? "


Thursday, January 7, 2010


We all meant to " keep in touch". But there was college - then careers and marriages and babies - and not always in that order. Then those babies had school and college ....and now are having weddings and babies. Life is busy ! But finally, we are at the point where we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel .... and for once it's not a locomotive heading straight at us.

There is such a wonderful comfort in "history" let's come together to celebrate our history and our survival !! We won't question each others absence in our lives - just be thankful for this second chance. Hope to see you next summer !

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Yes - I confess I STOLE this photo from the yearbook office. You can even see where I folded it in half and probably put under my sweater. Hey ! I worked hard on this yearbook - I earned it. What are you gonna do to me Gregg....take away my birthday? Look at that Neal - always a rebel....and excuse me, Steve, are you wearing gloves? Whatever - I am looking for photos - so any of you that have some to share - you can email them to me or send them to me ( and I will return them). Let's have some fun with this.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Well !! Who knew this would take so long - everyplace was either booked or over- priced - or over- rated ..... but after a couple of false starts , it's finally done !!
So save the date:

EHS 1969 Class Reunion
July 31st
Adler's Pub and Grill
Watt's Road

The restaurant will close for our party so we will have the whole place to ourselves. Also will plan an informal gathering for Friday and golf for Saturday. Mass for those inclined on Sunday followed by a picnic.

We will need help and will be sending a "Save the Date" card

Spread the word and stay turned.