Friday, October 29, 2010


The Mother Ship.

Those of you on Facebook already know this story - but it's worth repeating. There were many comments made during the reunion and in the blog profiles about our dear Sinsinawa Dominicans. We have matured enough (some of us) to realize how lucky we were to have them as our teachers and what incredible, smart , devoted women they were.

Serendipity rose to the occasion and a travel article mentioned the beautiful drive along the Wisconsin River and the fabulous baked goods sold at Sinsinawa. Marcia Wagner called me and asked if I felt like a drive in the country to which I responded in my best Animal House voice "ROAD TRIP" !! She drove out to the church and spent the night and we hit the road early the next morning . We were blessed with a perfect Fall Day.

It was a lovely drive...lots of wrong turns as we chose to meander down little roads. There were detours due to flooding and the "Ole' Mississip" was high...but we made it. As we made the final approach and a hill rose out of the corn fields I gasped "OMG - it really IS a mound".


We walked mostly in silence - it was very reflective and I recommend the trip to anyone. It was a bit spooky to think that of all the headstones - this is the one that caught my eye. And I checked - it is the one and only.

We walked the labyrinth - bought the baked goods - and laughed all the way home!

Try it - you'll like it.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I know there are more photos out there - and I know everyone (including my own, bad self) had to get back to reality.....but I would love to get news from you. My email is still in the sidebar and you can send me any little tidbits - because it will keep us all connected. I would love to say that I will post weekly, but I have to have the material . Otherwise I'll just have to make it up. HMMMMM that I say that - it could be fun. I'll just turn this into a first class rag.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Dear Anna,

I cannot thank you, Mary, and the rest of your crew enough for all the work you put into not only putting on a fabulous weekend of reunion events, but also making sure that we stay connected. Each person I talked to reminded me of what a great class we had, especially that last year when the synergy of the sixties, the dynamic personalities of our class, and some inspired teachers brought us together in ways uncommon in ordinary high schools. I know not everyone was lucky enough to feel this, and some felt the opposite, but it pulled me out of my introverted shell and helped me immeasurably in the rest of my life. I was so sad to hear of the rough times many of our classmates have had in the interim and amazed by their resilience. P.S. Everyone looked marvelous.

I would love to get together for a 45th and would like to help in any non-leadership way needed. You’ve set a very high standard with this year’s reunion, especially with your unflagging efforts to reach everyone. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to talk to you at either event that I attended. My husband had been up since 2 am Saturday flying home from New York, so we needed to put him to bed and missed much of the program—bet it was fun.

Hope to see you around town sometime.

Mary Wallace



Just a note to say that the reunion was a blast! It was so much fun to re-connect with everyone and you are right it did seem like we could pick up right where we left off. Thank you for the directory too.

All of you did such a great job and yes I for one would love to see everyone again in 4 years.

Take care,

Ann Chickering Saxer

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Friday, August 27, 2010

AND THE ANSWER IS......................

We all had a great time ! And I love the comments that are coming in:

Hey Anna,
Thanks for the followup message and the directories.
Sorry I couldn't make it for the reunion, but it sounds like it was a lot of fun.
I hope to make it next time. Thank you and Mary Kay and Mary for all of your efforts!
-Steve Riederer

Thanks so much, Anna.
I had a wonderful time and appreciate all that Mary Kay, Mary, Anna and Kevin did to make this happen for us! The reunion was super. I liked the informal venue, the food, the great conversations, being able to move around and catch up, make and renew friendships, and be in the authentic and beautiful presence of so many wonderful people. My surprise? The fact that over half of our class and their spouses were there. Yes, a 45th sounds good. Thanks again!
Marcia Lins Phillips

Thanks for all your hard work Anna!

I thought the reunion was a total success. I have heard from some that did not attend (and are on Facebook), that they wished they had attended because it sounded like everyone had such a good time.

I would be in favor of a 45th (or 46th ;) reunion.

Peg Lucas

Just keep those cards and letters comin' in !

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I know there are photos out there ...but I'm having a hard time gathering them. Anyone with pics - please email them to me.....a pretty darn good time was had by everyone - I think. I'm also pretty certain that Tom Fahey is still the tallest person in our class.

I'll get to putting names to these faces - but for now you're just going to have to work for it.

Friday, July 30, 2010



Paul and his wife Jane are living in Springfield. VA. They have two children: Stephanie is 30 and Julie is 28.

Paul is "AF Retired (1994 - Lt Col); Senior Program Manager, Scitor Corp, 1998 to present "

What else has he been up to? "Working in Pentagon, supporting variety of programs"

Favorite EHS memories? "Great education, teachers and lots of fun managing/trainer with football and basketball teams"

Sad you won't be with us - but thank you for sending us your info.


See you TONIGHT !!

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Review of My Reunion To Do List

Start diet......... Started and stopped too many times to count!
100 sit-ups daily until July 31........... Right LOL!
Get face-lift ......... Short on cash after paying exorbitant amount for reunion!
Do arm exercises .......... It is hopeless; the bat wings are here to stay!
Make list of high school memories to discuss at reunion .......... See below.
Dye hair .......... I read that hair dyes are carcinogenic.
Restart diet ............... See above.
Get tummy tuck – Scratch the sit-ups ............. I cannot afford it - short $45.
Try to find list of high school memories ............. For what was I looking?
Try to remember what was on the first list .......... I have been robbed!
Make a new list of high school memories to discuss at reunion .......... Maybe tomorrow, I am mentally exhausted.
Buy an outfit with long sleeve to cover flabby arms – Scratch arm exercises .......... Not a chance. It is 90 degrees outside!
Get fake nails and eyelashes ........... I have become low maintenance. It seems like more work than it is worth.
Buy teeth whitening strips .......... Done
Wear a jacket to hide sagging boobs ............. It will be too hot!
Try to find second list of high school memories .......... Huh, let’s get real!
Get face waxed to remove beard & moustache .......... I reconsidered. I am not into pain.
Look in the mirror and see the new me .......... Impossible, all mirrors have been removed from my house!
Pick self off floor .......... I was down there throwing a temper tantrum over my failures!

Wear a nametag – No one will recognize me, I barely do!............... And I will be disguised as a clown.

Thanks Anna - and you Loook Mah-vel-ous

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


For those of you who will not be with us - keep these classmates in your thoughts on Sunday as we attend mass - and always when you remember our years together:

John C. Alderson 5/28/2005

John J. Balistreri 4/27/2000

Colleen A. Freiling Fox 4/15/2006

Susan E. Kelley Haight 11/22/1983

Howard J. Huesinger 11/28/2002

Gary T.Lloyd 7/14/1973

David J. Majerus 8/27/1977

Majorie J. McGettigan 10/23/1970

Mary Anne Horkan Schmitt 1/25/2000

Neal C. Spink 11/12/1991

Patricia M. Tefft-Cousin 6/30/1999

Susan J. Waddell 11/22/2009

Monday, July 26, 2010



Stephan Roth and his wife Ann Denise Roth are living in Bethesda, MD. They have four children: Elena, 22 - Daniel, 20 - Caroline, 17 and Lauren, 17.

Steve is working: "Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP ; employed since 1977; partner since 1983"

And what has he been doing all these years? "Living in DC area since graduated from law school in 1976. Married since 1985, with 4 great kids. In the midst of funding college educations (3 next year)! Working as a lawyer with a law firm in DC, specializing in investment management and insurance law. Running and skiing when I'm not working. Maybe golf and other hobbies are on the horizon, but the challenge is finding the time.

Lately I've been shoveling a lot of snow -- sure reminds me of Madison!"

How about some EHS memories " Lots of wonderful memories, but no one stands out. High school was a great chapter in my life. I'm only sorry I haven't kept in better touch with more folks from Edgewood."

Thank you ! See you in a few days!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Patricia Sgroi Niglis and Curt Niglis are living in Poynette, WI. I had posted the following entry on St. Valentine's Day:

"I wanted to have a current photo for this love story - but it is so fitting to post today - St. Valentine's Day - I will just have to add a visual when I receive one. (I love this story)

Our classmates Patty Sgroi and Curt Niglis didn't really know each other in high school - they had only one casual meeting.....and never met at any of our reunions. But in 1999 - when EHS had an "all school reunion" - they both attended.

I asked Curt if had he known Patty before and for the scoop on their meeting:

"No we did not know each other in H.S. I met her once there with John Ball (God rest his soul) and that was it. We met at the Wonder Bar where the re-union was taking place. After attending the Edgewood golf outing at Yahara, Marc Sanna and I went there. She was sitting up front having a bite to eat. I said hello, introduced myself and gave her a one liner not knowing she was part of our class. She liked the joke and we have been talking ever since. "

I jut wanted to add a few things.......
two children: Michelle, 37 and Michael, 35......and there are 4 grandchildren.

Patricia is currently "Credit Manager-The Douglas Stewart Company"

They are keeping very busy: "Working, traveling, taking care of both flower and vegetable garden. Curtis and I have a beautiful backyard that was on the Poynette Garden Tour a couple of years ago. This is both Curtis and my 2nd marriage."

Can't wait to see you next week!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Bill Spohn and his wife Mary Jane Mooney Spohn ( yes, OUR Mary Jane) are living in Madison, WI. They have three children : John, 34 - Jeff, 32 and Chris, 26. AND they have one grandchild.

Bill is a "Retired Assistant Fire Chief, City of Madison Fire Department" and Mary Jane is "Retired from Madison Metropolitan School District"

so I'm doubly jealous !

And now what fills their days ? Mary Jane is "currently a substitute teacher" and loves "spending time with our grandson and our children now that we are retired; Traveling; beading; reading and enjoying as much time up north as we can."

Bill "currently employed as an Administrator with USA Hockey".

Any favorite memories from EHS - besides finding each other !!??

Bill .....?.......anything?
Mary Jane? "Finding friends that have lasted a life time!"
Thanks Mary Jane - I'm sure that was what Bill was going to say.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


COUNTDOWN - 10 days

Pam Klinzing is living in Madison, WI. Pam has one child , Dustin.

"Dustin has a daughter, Myricle. Myricle is three years and 10 months. Myricle got her name because she was a one pound and 9 ounce baby who was born at 27 weeks in her development. Myricle lives with Dustin, myself, and my Mom half of the time. Ariana is my Grandchild by choice. She is seven years old and attends first grade at Midvale school. I love taking Myricle and Ariana to swimming lessons and swimming after lessons. Myricle also attends Kindermusik with me each week in Waunakee. This is a wonderful opportunity for Myricle and I. I am attending the "Conscious Discipline" class that is based on Dr. Becky A. Bailey's Book. Myricle responds to this approach. "

"I am a retired Teacher from Madison Metro. School District. This is my second year of early retirement. I have two jobs currently. I drive a van for Badger Bus. I transport students (who have special needs) to and from school. I work about 21 hours a week based upon the routes given. I also work for Source Interlink. I put out weekly and monthly magazines at a grocery store. I recycle the out of date magazines to the company I work for. This is about 4 hours a week.
These jobs fit into my life nicely. I can work around my responsibilities at home and still have some alone time for myself."

Thank you so much, Pam.... I do hope we see you - soon !!

Monday, July 19, 2010


Gail Miller Sullivan and her husband Richard (Class '65) are living in Madison, WI. They have one son, Karl Schwoegler who is 32. Karl is EHS '95.

Gail is working full-time as Office Assistant for "WARF"- affiliated with U.W. Madison on campus.

In her spare time she enjoys" traveling on vacations with my husband Richard".

Favorite memories? "Our class of 1969 Graduation activities during the last week of school, award banquets, Mass, ceremony, and graduation parties."

Thanks Gail - we'll see you in a couple weeks - WooHoo.


I know of three classmates celebrating their birthday today - do you?

Sunday, July 18, 2010


When we first began to plan this reunion we pictured a larger, more formal event. We had hoped to have a venue that would allow a "program", speakers, etc. The costs for a dinner at a place like that , we felt, was so high that it would prohibit some people from attending and we opted for a more casual affair. One of the speakers we had wanted to invite was Dan Joynt. Because Adler's is so casual - we dismissed those ideas - but Dan has sent this message onto all of you:

"In spirit I will be with you and the EHS Class of '69 for your Reunion. Yes, I would appreciate it if you would provide my email contact to classmates. I also would appreciate it if you would make the following message available to them.

'1969 was my second year at EHS. It was a privilege to be at Edgewood and I cherish it as one of the most special learning experiences of my life... yes learning experiences! I got to know you in many different arenas. I connected with many of you as athletes. I remember even having a sprint race with several students. I engaged many of you in the classroom to discuss some of the exciting changes in the Church as a result of Vatican II theologians and laity! You were so willing to listen and display excitement, realizing how important lay people are in the Cath. Church. As president of the ski club we had ski trips and often saw each other at the Winter Green Ski Hill near Spring Green... you taught me some good moves. Of course so many of you came by my office on the main floor of the original school building. Those were some of the most cherished meetings. We shared so many things including struggles, rewarding moments, or just the time of day. Learning experiences... all of them.
I chose to finish my Theology Studies at Boston College and continue on to get a PhD in Counseling Psychology. You students provided so much of the interest and motivation for me to pursue human and interpersonal studies. I am lucky that when we met, we met with honesty and shared very personal issues... often with tears or laughter and joy. One Professor at BC shared the following: "The only question God will ask us at the time of 'final judgment' is; how hard did you struggle? And remember, that within the courage to live is the greatest amount of joy!!" So I thank you for ways you as a young person who supported me during part of my journey... during my struggle. And yes, you have contributed to my joy and I hope I have been of support for your courage and journey. Each of you have contributed to my current work as a professor and counselor... you are a special memory.'

Daniel Joynt"

he would love to hear from you :

Saturday, July 17, 2010


We are so thrilled and thankful to Adler's for the wonderful buffet they are preparing. I am certain that, for the reasonable cost, you are expecting a run-of-the mill cheese on a toothpick , bologna roll- up spread..........but noooooo.............feast your eyes on this:

Carving Station:
Pork Tenderloin and Beef Tenderloin
Assorted breads
Assorted sauces - ginger mayo, barbecue, teriyaki, cranberry Dijon, horseradish

Cold Selections:
Peel-n-eat shrimp
Smoked Salmon
Fresh garden tomatoes & mozzarella w/ basil infused olive oil
Fresh fruit
Olive salad
Pasta salad
Fresh vegetables
Chips and salsa

Hot selections
Beer batter chicken strips
Spinach and artichoke dip
Fresh cheese curds
Deep fried mushrooms


We are so impressed with Chef Jim and his desire to give us a great evening - we have told him that anything thing he wants to add or change - depending on what's fresh at the market - he has our blessings. So there may be some little change - but this is pretty much the menu.
How lucky are we ?

So if you have a friend who is still on the fence - just wave THIS under their nose.

See you there !

Friday, July 16, 2010


Mike Riley and his wife Nancy live in Hoffman Estates, Ill. They have four children: Patrick, 33 - Erin, 32 - Michael Sean,29 and Tim, 27. They have two grandchildren and two on the way !!

Michael is a partner at National Fiber Supply Company ...a paper recycling company that is Chicago based.

He keeps himself very busy playing a lot of golf and being a grandpa.

His favorite EHS memories? "Friday Night Lights, Lombardino's and Sunday afternoon football games at The Polish Palace.

Thanks Mike ! Hope to see you in a few weeks .

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


There have been some inquiries about proper "dress" for the weekend. Both the Wonder Bar and Adler's are casual. The weather is really the wild card . There is a large outdoor patio - so you will want to be comfortable. I think, for the men, khaki's - long or short- would be okay - polo shirts or dress shirts - certainly no jackets are needed. Women are so stylish - they will be fabulous no matter what they wear. Of course if you want to wear your wedding tux or your prom prove you can still fit into it.......more power to you !

Personally - I'm thinking "Tiara"

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Joe Jamieson and his wife Diane are living in New Richmond, WI. They have five children: Stephanie , 35 - Carrie, 32 -Donovan, 28 - Kaitlin, 26 - and Kelsey, 22. They also have 4 grandchildren.

Is Joe still working ? He better be! He is "Employed at New Richmond High School"

And what else has he been doing?
"Teaching Physical Education, Coaching Football, Coaching Basketball
Fishing, Boating, Golf, Grandfathering"

Joe has great EHS memories "Meeting 200+ of the greatest classmates one could hope for.
Meeting some outstanding staff members and keeping their friendship for life.
The Antigo Football Game and the accompanying Homecoming festivities are a close 3rd!!
Spanish class with Mrs. Sanfilippo & buddies"

Thanks Joe !

Monday, July 12, 2010


Barbara Milke Peterson is married to Scott Condie and they are living in McHenry, IL. There are three children in the family: Julia is 32, Jeanne is 31 and Seth is 26. Sadly, Barbara's first child, Jennifer, died in 2009.....she would have been 33. They also have one grandchild.

Barabara is working as a "Self-employed part-time veterinarian".

Any fun things keeping her busy ? "I've been restoring a Victorian house and turned it into a small shop selling antiques and collectibles - specializing in dolls and quilts. It's The Attic Window and Heirloom Doll Hospital, 241 South Main Street, Walworth, WI 53184 -
Come for a visit."

How about some favorite memories? "Have a number of good memories of Edgewood High School but mostly treasure the friendships made there."

Barbara, that's the first time I have posted a profile through tears...I am so happy that you are coming to the reunion and hope that seeing old friends and laughing will be just the tonic that you need See you there !

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Maureen Fahey Baker and her husband Dan ( yes, our Dan Baker '69.......see April 10) are living in Carmel, IN. They have two daughters: Amy is 30 and Angie is 29.

Thanks Maureen... hopefully things will change and you two will be able to come to Madison and join us.

Saturday, July 10, 2010



Mary Ann Harder is living in Jackson, WI and has two step children : Katie and Jackie. She is currently a Dental Technician working at Hansen Dental Lab.

Favorite EHS memories ? "Having fun with Kathy McDonald and Colleen Kennedy".

Thanks Mary Ann.

Friday, July 9, 2010



John Flesch and his wife Jeanne are living in Madison. They have three children : Jessica, 32 - Eric, 30 - and Amy, 28........and they have 2 grandchildren.

John is working - he is the " Executive VP Treasurer Gordon Flesch CO ". Hmmmm wonder if he knows someone there?

and what has he been doing? "Built a cottage last year in Northern Wis. And spoiling my grandchildren."

Any favorite memories from his EHS days? "814 Broom and friends I made and have to this day."

Thanks John - see you in a few weeks ...WooHoo !!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I AM WAITING............

COUNTDOWN - 23 days

I will begin passing out detentions next week.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I know that I already posted Jim's profile - but in subsequent communications - I found he had a delightful story to tell:

"Mary Kennedy and I started dating shortly after graduation from Edgewood. We went out for about a year but then went our separate ways. 30+ years later I received a call from Mary. At the time I lived in San Diego and she lived in Plano, Texas. We talked an hour about our families and all the different places we have lived. About two years later, my wife passed away from colon cancer. I contacted Mary and we talked and emailed for two months. Mary flew out for her spring break and we had a great time. In September Mary and her daughter moved out to San Diego. On May 8, 2004, we were married on our back deck.

Since then we moved to Austin Texas. It has been magical."

LIFE IS GOOD - if you just get out of the way and let it happen !

Thank you so much Jim for sharing this with us.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Thomas and his wife Carolyn are living in Corcoran, MN. They have one child, Eboni and three grandchildren.

Tom is currently "Employed as a Pr. Manufacturing Engineer at Honeywell Aerospace in Minneapolis, MN. since July 1987".

So what has he been up to all these years in our neighboring state? "I earned an A.S. in Automotive Technology from Madison Area Technical College in 1974. I started working for Oscar Mayer the same year as an Automotive and Truck Technician. I lived in Verona at the time. In 1985 it was time for a career change so I quit my job, married my girlfriend Carolyn, and moved to Menomonie, WI to attend U.W. Stout (the MIT of Wisconsin). At Stout I earned a B.S. in Manufacturing Engineering and an M.S. in Management Technology. In 1987 we moved to Minneapolis where I accepted a position with Honeywell Aerospace where I have worked in various engineering and leadership positions ever since. We design and manufacture navigation and control products for defense and aerospace customers. We are the world's largest producer of ring laser gyros and RLG based inertial management units.

I am an avid outdoorsman and travel throughout Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, and the Dakotas each year in pursuit of fish and game with Carolyn and our trained Labrador Retriever Chip. We also enjoy fishing and and hiking in the mountains by our family's cabin in La Veta, Colorado. Our home is in Corcoran, MN west of Minneapolis."

How about some favorite memories? "I don't get back to Madison very often, but I have always thought of Madison as one of the most beautiful cities in the country, and I enjoyed growing up there.

In school my favorite classes were math and science (go figure). My trigonometry teacher had a positive influence on my future interest in engineering........can someone help me remember who it was ? Anyone in my class - help me out. I was also greatly influenced by Joel Maturi and he is now athletic director at University of Minnesota here in the Twin Cities.

I also fondly remember Mixed Chorus and smoking in the boys room !"

Hope you can make the trip !

Monday, July 5, 2010


Do you realize that it is only 3 1/2 weeks until our reunion?? Please call your friends, make the commitment and send in your reservations. It's time to circle the wagons.
Just Do It


Terry Durkin and his wife Marian are living in Spokane , WA. They have two daughters: Maggie who is 27 and Annie who is 25.

Terry is retired (JEALOUS) and is thinking about making the trip to see us in July.

Thanks Terry !

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


see ya in a few days - behave !!

in the meantime - send in your reservations !

Monday, June 28, 2010


Received this in an email today:

"I don't want to brag or make anybody jealous or anything,
but I can still fit into the earrings I wore in high school."

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Rick Gallagher and his wife LuAnn are living in Arena, WI. They have two children: Tony is 28 and Mitchel is 20.

Rick is the owner of Steel Forms Construction.

I do hope you'll join us in July - it's a short drive!

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Mark DiRienzo and his wife Becky live in Denton,NC. They have two children: Michelle is 36 and Anne is 32....and they have three grandchildren.

Mark's working: "I work for Piedmont Triad Anesthesia PA., as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA), in Winston-Salem, NC. "

And what else has been doing ? "Primarily, I have provided Anesthesia services, at the 2nd largest hospital in North Carolina, Forsyth Medical Center. I have also enjoyed being an Anesthesia Clinical Instructor, for Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, and have served on their Admissions Board. I love being a father, and a grandfather, and spending time with my family! We are very involved with our Church, and consider the members to be our family in Christ. We live on High Rock Lake, and enjoy the beauty of the water and wildlife, as well as friend and family gatherings on the water. I am also a private pilot, and enjoy seeing the earth from a different perspective! I have been to Oshkosh several times, for the EAA Air Show. Most of our trips to WI have been to visit family, so unfortunately, I have spent very little time in Madison. Last summer was my first time there in many years!"

Any favorite memories? "Many of my favorite memories involve being a member of the Band. We took many trips together, and I particularly enjoyed playing trumpet at the many basketball and football games! I always had trouble concentrating in class, after being outside for marching band practice. The sounds of the drums, thanks to Dave Heilman and Company continued to resonate in my ears for hours afterward, and usually found their way to my fingers, drumming on the desk in class! I enjoyed playing trumpet with Mike McKenna, and Timothy Thousand (class of 70). Mike and I were roomates our freshman year at UWEC! There are so many other people that I think of fondly, from High School, and unfortunately, I have not done a very good job of keeping in touch with them !"

Thanks Mark - I know we're a long way from N.C. - but it would be wonderful to see you.

Friday, June 25, 2010


Mark Eder and his wife Laurie live in Brookfield, WI. They have two children : Bryan is 17 and Will is 12.

Presently Mark is working as an Engineer with AT&T Wisconsin.

Thanks Mark, hope you will make the drive and join us!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Send in your reservations, please.
Thank you

Monday, June 21, 2010


I'll call this "Operation Paparazzi". Several of our classmates are unable to make the reunion and have asked that we please, please, PLEASE take photos. Now, these are legit excuses - I've checked them out - like, "Mother of the Bride" - so I'm letting them off the hook. Kathy McDonald Diltz had a great idea: photograph everyone as they arrive - check in, get your name tag - and "Smile for the Birdie". It will all be quick and painless and then I will come back here and post your current photo with your yearbook head shot. Of course I will also post any and every pic we get.

So - put on your best face and be prepared. Kathy is going to handle this and is looking for people to be her 20 minute shifts. You can contact her directly - she's in the class directory that was emailed to everyone - or you can email me or leave a comment here.


Sunday, June 20, 2010


Karen Banaszak is living in Madison, WI with her husband Jeff Reinke.

Karen is working - she has been an "ECG Technician at Meriter Hospital for 36 years".

So what has she been doing all these years? "I have 32 nieces and nephews and 8 great nieces and nephews and one on the way. I borrowed them until aunts were not so cool!

We travel more than ever through Eastern Europe - Poland twice, once before the wall came down, Italy and Guatemala.

Now that I have travel and observed other countries, I allow myself to be politically active. Hoping to turn this country in a different way."

A fovorite memory ? "I have always loved art and literature. It meant something to me. I remember making a clay tile. We were given instruments to make marks. We were not allowed to write words but we were instructed to make marks as if we were leaving a message for years to come. The marks were to be in the top right-hand side and an expression of the future.

I lived on the west side and my sister lived on the east side. While taking a walk with my sister and her dog, I buried the tile along tracks on the east side of Madison and forgot about it.

I now live on the east side. One day I was walking with my dog along those tracks and I accidentally kicked up the tile. It had worked its way up from the dirt. That was a powerful thing!"

Wow ! Can't wait to hear a bit more about this. See you in July!

Friday, June 18, 2010


John - "Jack" Schwab and his wife Beverly live in Dubuque, IA. They have four children: Thomas, 33 - Ann, 31 - Patrick, 28 and Stephan, 25. They have 1.5 grandchildren....( I am doing this without glasses and I thought it said 15 grandchildren) !!!

Thanks for sending us your info - hope things change and you can join us in July.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


John Ryan and his wife Rita are living in St. Paul, MN. They have five children: Susan, 29 - Kelly, 27 - Dan, 25 - TJ, 23 - Mike, 22.

John has been in Sales for Target Commercial Interiors 34 years.

What else has he been doing? "Coached basketball for 19 years until recently, cross country ski in northern Wi, go to our lake home near Hayward as often as we can."

Favorite EHS memories ? "Attending football and basketball games."

Thanks John !