Saturday, May 23, 2009


Well.....SOMEONE had to do it !

Conventional Wisdom is that it is too late for a 40th Reunion for our class - but that will give us a year to plan a wonderful gathering in 2010. Hopefully the economy will have begun it's rebound and a trip to Madison will be a possibility for those living at a distance. This will also give us time to plan something worthy of the journey.

If the economy still sucks ...we can have a big coupon exchange.

So - stay tuned for the unfolding of a great adventure.....we are gathering info and preparing a "Save the Date" mailing soon. Of course "Soon" in old people's speak is 2 months........'cause that's how long it takes. And yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, we are old !!

And if anyone shows up looking too young - we'll all know you've had work done.