Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Gail Derus Krekel and her husband Tom live in Albuquerque, NM. They have a daughter Christy who is 32.......and two grandchildren.

Gail is enjoying life at home, brushing up on her French.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Victoria is living in Madison and has two daughters: Melissa, 26 and Sarah, 23.

She is presently an Art Teacher with MMSD . and has been working and producing art for all these past years.

She remembers fondly her close friends at Edgewood and is excited to see everyone this summer.

Thanks Vicki!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Sue Skelton is living in Madison and has one child, Kwame , age 30. She has been working and - well - working!....... and relaxing on the Mississippi River.

Always loving the water - her favorite memories are floating all afternoon on air beds - on Lake Wingra.

Hope to see you in July !

Saturday, March 27, 2010


James Waddell and his wife Deneen live in New Berlin, WI and have six children : Nathan, 18 - Stephen, 16 - Nicholas, 12 - Michael, 9 - Patrick, 5 - and Rose, 3 .

James is working in Software Sales at IBM.

What has he been doing ? Well, what do you think ??? "Raising my children, some traveling"

Memories? "playing cards with classmates"

Hope to see you this summer.

Friday, March 26, 2010


Patty Schmitz Ball is married to Bill Redding and they are living in Madison. Patty has two children : J.D. Ball age 36 and Karen Ball age 35....and has two grandchildren.

Great to know we'll see you this summer !


I am loving some of the comments that have been made to Anna during this process of gathering information...

Golf Outing:

“Do we have to keep score?”


Are you married ?

"I have a ring on my left hand and my wife says yes"

Do you have grandchildren?

"What are grandchildren, you think I am that old or what!! You trying to hustle geezers!!!!!"

Alumni office:

"They already know where to find me."

" Don't tell Denny McKinley about the baton and bunny ears or what page of the senior yearbook to find it. I really do not need a detention!!"

"Hey, if the jury commissioners can find me (five times in two states and two federal courts!!!), I suppose you can put the info in the class directory."

And finally:

"I lost the date and my cell phone calendar will not tell me!!!!!! Is Alzheimer's on the way or what?????

Thanks to all of you for getting on the band wagon and having some fun with is too short to be miserable. There are a few of you who haven't figured that out yet - here's hoping that you find some joy somewhere before the lights go out. Remember, someone else has their finger on the circuit breaker....I'm just sayin' ..........

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Jean Padrutt Lepro and her husband Brian live in Verona, WI and have three children: Calvin, 24 - Noah,22 - and Susie 20. Jean is presently working part-time as an office manager at a church.

So how has she been filling her days these past years? "I work mornings during the week and spend afternoons running errands, walking my black lab, Libby, and spending time with my husband, Brian. We cook healthy meals together and enjoy trying new recipes. We've spent a lot of evenings this winter catching up on movies we've missed. I just finished painting my daughter's bedroom and we have some remodeling plans in the works for this spring. All three of my children are in college so we see a lot of them on breaks from school. One of them goes to UW-Madison so we see him every few weekends as well. I have been visiting a sister who lives northwest of Phoenix almost every winter. She and her husband grow native desert plants for revegetation and landscaping. I like hauling hose around their property, watering cool desert plants and getting cacti and succulents ready for show. I also enjoy reading, gardening, playing with my cats and knitting. "

Favorite EHS memories? "Hanging out with Denise L'Heureux, choir and art."

Hope we see you in July !

Monday, March 22, 2010


Patty Goggin and her husband Steve Kehm live in Wautoma, WI (well, sort of) and have two children: Molly, 28 and Maxwell, 27.

Patty is a teacher- a reading specialist - and is presently working in Arequipa, Peru.

So what has she been up to and how did she end up in Peru ? "After EHS….there was UW, the Peace Corps, marriage, two kids , teaching in WI, CA and other places around the world. Lots of traveling. I also worked for Habitat for Humanity and as an EMT for our local emergency services. We always have kept our home in Central WI where our children were born so that we could all have roots. As a result, both our kids graduated from the UW and are big Badger fans. Right now, Steve and I work in Arequipa, Peru (high in the Andes!) teaching during the week and on the weekends, hiking, exploring , and helping with a variety of educational projects that serve the poor in rural Arequipa."

Favorite memories? "Memories of EHS… friends, walking home from school and stopping to drink a cherry coke at the drug store, the music, dances, the changing social, political, and religious times, Spanish class, camping trips, sunrise on picnic point. Senior year…skipping classes to go watch the demonstrations at the UW and realizing that there was another world awaiting us….."

Happy to know we'll see you in July !

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Michael Aide and his wife Christine are living in Girardeau, MO. They have three children: Adam, 27 - Eric,26 - Martin,21 and 1 grandchild.

Michael is working as Professor and Chairperson, Department of Agriculture, Southeast MO State University.

What has he been working on ? "Chair of Academic Dept, Soil Fertility Research involving Rice"

and his favorite memory? "Friday Football Games "

See you in July!


Colleen Bunbury and her husband John Conrad are living in Louisville, CO. They have two children: Barry is 21 and Timmy is 20.

Colleen is working as an Early Childhood Special Education Teacher in Boulder, Co.

How have they been filling their time? "I have lived in Louisville, Co for 20 years and have taught preschool children in Boulder for 15 years. My oldest, Barry attends the University of Oklahoma and is studying to be an optometrist. Timmy attends the University of Colorado in Boulder and is in the school of business. My husband, John is an Air Traffic Controller and is looking forward to retiring in a couple of years. Now that the boys are gone we have lots of time for biking, hiking and skiing."

So happy to know we'll see you this summer!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Tom Shipley and his wife Beth (Brady '71) are living in Madison and have three children: Sara Shipley McLenighan, 38 - Joseph, 27 and Matthew, 25. They have two grandchildren.

Tom is working - "Senior Ex. VP Greenwoods State Bank in Lake Mills and Rio, WI. Bought this bank with 150 friends in 2007....some classmates are in too!"

"Beth is the Pre-need Specialist for Ryan and Joyce Ryan Funeral Homes in Madison ("thinking about death? Beth) "

"Sara McLenighan resides in Edina MN. with husband Matt (2 children: Megan 7, Morgan 5) She is a national territory manager for Medtronics and he is Sr. VP for ActiVision"

And some favorite memories? "My EHS experience was very good. I was fortunate to have a great group of male friends who I still see.... and a fair amount of female friends who tolerated me. Clearing out the Memorial Union Library during semester final exams with 4 classmates dressed up in Maple Bluff fireman uniforms still is a memory that lingers.

I look forward to returning to a reunion as just a classmate and not the president of the school.

See you all this summer! "



Jane Thomas Kirchgessner and her husband David are living in Milwaukee. They have three children: Kari, 34 - Kristi, 31 and Katie, 28......and they have three grandchildren

Jane is working as a physical therapist for Aurora - visiting nurse association.

Hope to see you this summer.

Friday, March 19, 2010


After several of our classmates have included "Aunt Sabina's cookies" among their favorite memories....I started asking questions. How did I miss these? Was there some secret cult with these served as refreshments? Who was Aunt Sabina?....was this a code word? Finally we have an answer from Dan Lynaugh:

"Subject: Aunt Sabina
Sabina Mary Lynaugh was my dad's sister who lived with us her entire life. She was an accomplished baker and routinely made cookies, pies, cakes, buns, and bread. I ate a lot of them and got fat. My friends ate a lot of them, too. Especially the cookies. It was nice to see Fahey and P. mention that as a memory. "

Thanks, Dan


Dan Lynaugh is retired from the Post Office after a 35 year career.

And so how is he spending his time? "I am married. My wife is also a retired Postmaster. I have three wonderful children, all married and doing well. I have 5 grandchildren, with more likely in the future. I spend about 7 months a year at our home in Eagle River, the rest in the Madison area for now. I hope to winter in Florida or Arizona in the future. "

His favorite memories? " My favorite memory of EHS was the first floor flat we kept senior year at 314 N. Broom St. near campus. I recall having a lot of fun there. We should have thought of that prior to senior year."

Dan, hope we see you in July....... and if we'd had that apartment too much earlier - we 'd have had to take a bus.


Maureen Martin is living in Wauwatosa,WI . She is Director, Homeless Residential Services for The Salvation Army. For all these past years she has been working and traveling.

Hope to see you in July !

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Rich Joachim and his wife Beverly live in Blue Ridge, VA. They have three children: Drew, 24 - Brad, 22 and Chris, 19.

Rich is a self-employed dentist. We ask what he has been doing and he says "nothing much: fixing teeth and playing tennis - watching basketball games

We hope to see you this summer!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Vince Sweeney is married to Sharon Elliot Sweeney and they are living in Madison . They have two daughters : Kelsey, 22 and Keara, 18. Vince is employed at the University of Wisconsin - ( oh - like that's a news-flash).

What's he been up to ? " Worked in newspapers for 13 years and have been at UW-Madison, first in the Athletic Department for 18 years and then in the chancellor's office, where I am currently working. Lived in LA for one year while working at the Los Angeles Times, as well as Milwaukee (Journal and Sentinel), but have been in Madison for the greater part of the past 41 years!"

Favorite memory? "Too many good ones to single out. We had a great class. We were lucky."

WooHoo - Gus - see you in July !!


Carol Sullivan Pearce is married to Larry Pearce and they are living in Cary, NC . They have three children: Ryan, 30 - Kaela, 23 - and Brady, 21. Carol is the Lead Teacher - Instruction Resource - Wake County Schools.

So, other than THAT, what has she been doing? "Graduated from UW-LaCrosse. Lived in Madison,...taught 6-8 grade. Moved to Milwaukee, Married Larry (who had a son Ryan ) Had Kaela and Brady. Moved to North Carolina in 1996... taught 4th grade for 4 years.... became the Lead Teacher of a 900 student elementary school. I return to the Midwest several times a year to see family & friends. "

And her favorite memory ? "Skipping school to lay out in the sun on Sue Waddell's roof"

Hope we can see you in July.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Robert Wickhem lives in Monona. He has two children : Brian, 34 and Carly,25. Bob is "living the dream as principal and owner of Bob Wickhem Solutions, LLC.

And just what has he been doing ? "Most of my career, I've been involved in the audio, video and business theater production business. I try, sometimes unsuccessfully, to balance that with my passions for travel, road cycling and wine appreciation (I appreciate a lot!) I enjoy the constant challenge of keeping up with new technologies and am a student of how they change our lives."

Favorite memories? "To this day I am amazed at the quality of education I got at EHS with many fewer resources available and much higher demand on the nuns time. The nuns at EHS were amazing."

Looking forward to seeing you in July !


Mary Wallace and her husband Paul Saeman ('68) are living in Madison and have three children : Melody, 28 - Gabe, 26 and Sandhya, 25. Mary is employed ...and says her activities of the last years are a looooong story. She'll fill us in soon.

I love her favorite memory:

"It’s toss up between the sunrise picnics and Edgewood’s theater productions, particularly Dan L. playing Cyrano De Bergerac. While he was fighting a duel that his character is supposed to lose, his opponent’s sword suddenly flew out of his hand and into the audience. Dan made up rhyming couplets on the spot to explain his actions as he jumped down into the audience, tossed the sword to his opponent, and they continued the duel."

See you this summer!

Monday, March 15, 2010


Tim and his wife Lynda live in Madison and have a daughter Jennifer who is 25. Tim is working but this will be his last year - by the time we see him he will be retired....

"I have been teaching biology and coaching tennis at Monona Grove High School for 23 years. I plan to retire in June and seek new horizons. I look forward to making more time for tennis, singing, playing guitar, and sailing whenever I can. My wife Lynda and I have raised a daughter who is 25, now training to be a high school biology teacher."

Special memories? "I'm going to go with singing in four part harmony with The Three Flats- Steve Riederer, John Staley and Kevin Farley. If only there had been American Idol in 1969!

A close second- in LaCrosse for the basketball tournament, doing physics problems in a motel room at 4 a.m. with some of my favorite nerds. I bet nobody knew just how much fun we could have when we really got going!"

Looking forward to seeing you in July.....and I never thought of you as a nerd !


Marcia Wagner is living in Madison and has two sons - Nathan, 29 and Adam, 27......and one grandson.

Marcia is working and says that's all she 's been doing all these years.

Her favorite memories - WAY too many to mention.

See you in July


Mary Grace Brabender Albedyll is living in De Forest, Wisconsin where she raised her two daughters Tanya, 31 and Tara, 28. She also has one grandchild. She has been employed for 35+ years for the State of Wisconsin. (21 yrs. at DOT - State Patrol; 8 1/2 yrs at Dept. of Administration - State Prosecutors Office; and 6 yrs. at DOC - Human Resources.)

And how did she fill her free time? "Enjoyed myself while raising two wonderful daughters. (Mrs. Goldsworthy was a good role model at Edgewood for women who loved sports.) I ended up coaching my daughter's soccer team for 2 yrs.; coaching swim team; coaching my daughter's softball team for 3 yrs; was official scorekeeper for the travelling basketball teams for 4 yrs.;

Girl Scout Leader; and a Swim Meet Official - Stroke & Turn Judge for 10 yrs.

Besides coaching, I also enjoyed playing co-ed & women's softball for 28 years, golfing, tennis, volleyball, Badger football & basketball games, travelling, & gardening.
During the past few years, I've been teaching my grandson to play soccer, basketball, baseball, and golf, Fun - fun!

I've also been caring for my 99 yr. old father for the past 5 years, since my mother passed away. In High School, my Dad had to drive us around, since we didn't have our license yet. Now I get to chauffeur Dad everywhere and he tells people that I'm the boss now! (Talk about complete role-reversal)"

Some of her favorite memories include "Horseback riding Freshman year along with Barb Milke; Mixed Chorus all through High School; Senior year barn dance; Following the Crucibles Band; Cruising downtown Madison to Club 18 in Margie McGettigan's car; Senior year class vs. faculty baseball game that I was able to play in; Hanging out at Gino's on State Street & Lombardino's; Graduation party at Picnic Point. "

WOW - you're making me feel like a slug - I may have to go edit my profile.

Happy to know we'll see you in July.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Marcia Lins Phillips lives in Loves Park, Illinois with her husband Ron West and has two children: Brett Phillips, 30 and Jennifer Phillips, 28. Marcia is self-employed.

How does she fill her days? "I left my engineering job in 1997 to help people heal. I published a self-help book and workbook on the chakras (energy systems of the body) called "Seven Portals To Your Soul: An Accessible Guide for Mending Your Life". I teach classes, coach other teachers and healers, facilitate support groups, and do one-on-one sessions by phone and in person to help facilitate deep inner healing for others; help them make life transitions with greater ease; and live life from the essence of their soul. I am a massage therapist, energy worker, and intuitive healer. I founded Bridges of Unity, a collaboration of teachers and healers, who work together to support one another and our clients on many levels. We are creating a School for Spiritual Mastery."

Marcia has some wonderful memories..."Three favorite shared moments come to mind: accompanying the mixed chorus for "Annie Get Your Gun", playing the organ for the whole school pre-graduation assembly, who sang "Let There Be Peace on Earth", and dancing a modern dance entitled "Color" with Gale (Derus) Krekel, Steve Riederer, and Steve Roth for our senior English class project."

Thank you Marcia, I look forward to hearing more about your work this summer.


Pat Baxter and his wife Lee live in Madison. They have four children: Sean, 32 - Ryan , 29 - Brendan, 26 - and Bridget 19. Pat "owns Kayser Automotive Group selling Ford Mercury Nissan Mitsubishi Dodge Chrysler Jeep at eight locations in Wi."

How do they spend their days? "My three sons work for me so I have been able to semi retire. We have a home in Fountain Hills,AZ and we spend two or three weeks per month there during the winter. I also spend a fair amount of time at my ranch in Lancaster, Wi where I raise Red Angus cattle, about 300 head."

See you this summer - you bring the beef !

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Mary Kay Wackwitz Johnson and her husband Dennis live in Madison and they have two children: Meghan is 28 and Michael is 27. Mary Kay is an Instructional Resource Teacher within the Madison Metropolitan School District.

And what has she been up to? "I have been thinking about this question for awhile and was wondering what I should write. I have never left the westside of Madison, have worked in the Madison Schools for 37 years, and am as predictable as I was in high school. So what else can I say?
I have been married for 30 years and have two great children. Both Meghan and Michael graduated from Edgewood High School. So I enjoyed my second and third time going through EHS. It was fun to see many of our classmates there as parents. We had the privilege to chair Edgefest for two years--one being the last year of the event!! I also taught the football teams parents the school fight song--and the hymn. This itself was interesting since I was always told that mouthing the words would be better than actually vocalizing!! (for all the BS grads--remember how we were numbered 1-3--I was a three).

Meghan has followed me into education and Mike has become a business owner like his dad. I hope to retire within this year."

Favorite memories ? "I fondly remember all the football games and the basketball games (in the old gym!!!)--going to state basketball tournaments our freshman year, and study halls in the cafeteria!!"

Mary Kay - I thank you for being the experienced and guiding light behind this reunion
See you in July - well - and many times before that!


Linda Candlin,( who refused to have her photo taken in High school) is married to Duncan McNelly and they are living in Madison. She is semi-retired - which means I'm semi-jealous.

She fills her days " learning to relax" and trying to remember her favorite memory.
Hope to see you in July.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Marc Sanna lives in Fallbrook, California where is working in sales.

His favorite memories involve his travels - an the birth of his son Alec who is 19.

Hopefully we'll see you in July !

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Stephen and his wife Trudy live in Madison and have raised 4 children: Heather, 32 - Matthew, 31 - Mackenzie, 28 and Brandon,26. They also have 3 grandchildren.

Steve has been doing general financial planning "I've had a financial planning practice for 34 years, doing planning for individuals, business owners, professionals, etc. I still work 50 hours a week in the winter, less in the warm months to allow time for play."

Favorite memory? "the Nuns, and everything that went along with them. Maybe Chryst too;(interesting name for a Catholic coach)"

See you in July !


pKevin and his wife Diane are living in Madison and raising their two children...Ruth who is 6 and Kenny, 3.

Presently Kevin has two radio jobs, owns a barber shop and is kept busy with two little ones. What has he been up to ? "PLAYING WITH MY CHILDREN, AND ALL THE SCHOOL ACTIVITIES"

His favorite memories? "THE PARTIES AND FOOTBALL GAMES"

See you in July !


Lee Pickett lives in Southern Huntington Beach - where "I am an estimator for the Painting Contractor I sold my business to. We do primarily Commercial Painting." .

How has he been filling his days ? "I am currently living with a women that I met in Church about 4 1/2 years ago. She has 2 children and 2 grandchildren that we enjoy spending time with.

I am President of the Southern California Chapter of The Painting and Decorating Contractor Association this year, so I know that will keep me pretty occupied. I am also active in the Orange County Chapter of The Building Owners and Management Association."

and his favorite memories? "Father Domac's Parties"

See you in July !

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


You look EGGSactly the same !

( I know I'm not as good as Janice and Fred - anyone have a better caption?)


Mary Jo Pertzborn Kolkhorst - HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! (I've been waiting to do this)

Mary Jo and her husband Steve live in Portland, Maine. They have two children: Chris is 31 and Allison is wedding last summer and one this summer !!

Mary Jo is now retired but " I taught reading and literacy at the elementary level in York and Kennebunk for 20 years. There is nothing more satisfying than when the "light goes on" and a child "gets it", and takes off on their own. Today I am busy serving on a couple of non-profit boards, traveling, helping to plan our daughter Alli's wedding in June, and enjoying life."

Favorite memories? "Oh, I have many favorite memories, some I dare not put in print. However, one memory that stands out was a dance Sophmore year that I went to with Ann Chickering. We dressed up as matching eggs. We made our own costumes out of white pillow cases stuffed with pillows and we wore black tights. We were so excited to get to the dance and show off our unique outfits. Well when we arrived and walked in to the dance a nun looked at us and shrieked. She told us that we looked immoral and sent us home! (too much leg showing, I guess). We left the dance and saw someone from the yearbook staff, he took our picture and at the end of the year there it was in the yearbook. Ahhhhh, Sweet revenge!"

WooHoo - see you in July.....I'm going to look for that picture


Linda Accardo Pope and her husband Charles live in Whitewater, Wisconsin. They have five children: Carrie Mathison, 35 - Christopher Pope, 33 - Nathan Pope, 30 - Abigail Zinzoe, 28 and Charles Pope, 24. AND they have 4 grandchildren.

Linda is employed "Pope Farms, Housewife"

What has she been doing? " I have a teaching degree but never taught fulltime but it did come in handy raising 5 children. I was very active in my childrens school and religious education. My husband farms @50000 acreas of corn so that keeps us very busy. I keep "the books" and run for parts! We enjoy spending time spoiling our 4 grandkids. The farm holds us close to home but we do escape to AZ for a bit most winters. "

Hope to see you in July Linda, and thank you.


Fred Sommer is living in Los Angeles, California and is working for a hotel in downtown LA.

Where has Fred been and what has he been doing ? "generally I make my resumes very selective, and this questionnaire yields a kind of resume, so I will say that I have been in teaching and in health care since the 1970s"

and his favorite memory? "favorite memory - a very intriguing question - I have many many very good memories from EHS, but I also am a little embarrassed that I was a bit fake there, and sometimes the fakeness was amusing but sometimes it was unattractive or even mean, indeed cruel....Probably everyone, or almost everyone, thinking about the way they were 40+ years ago, could make a similar statement

I would say that my favorite memory was my teachers - especially Sister Marie Michelle (history) and Sister Margaret Mary (English) - there were several other very good teachers, but those two had the greatest positive influence on me - I probably should have paid closer attention to learn deeper lessons from them - Sister Ellenice in math was certainly a personality - she used to say, as she would approach the blackboard to erase it, "I'm sorry there is no gentlemen here!" and immediately several gallants from the front rows would run up to the board to compete for the privilege of erasing the board - I was not one of them

I also remember Sister Teresa Donovan with gratitude

One time I was driving east on Monroe St. about 7:30 a.m. senior year, and I was in the right lane as I passed the drive-in for the EHS parking lot, the big lot near the track - The traffic was slow - rush hour - and I noticed that Fr. Joynt was trying to exit the parking lot. What d'ya know! The car I was driving was blocking his exit! I noticed it and decided to slow down even more, prolonging his turn into Monroe St - and as I did it I watched his face, which was maybe 15 feet away through the windshield - I did it just long enough to see his features take on a peeved air, not long enough to be really bad in any big way. Then I accelerated and pretended that nothing had happened... I had to repress the urge to tell everyone it about later that day"

Thank you Fred, hope we see you in July.


Patty Kellogg Hoag is living in Waukesha, WI and has two sons, 25 year old twins Matt and Chris. She has just retired - LUCKY !!

what has she been doing all these years? "Good question...I'll think about it and get back to you "

How about some memories? "I've nothing but wonderful memories, seriously...EVEN when I was in trouble, (like getting reamed out daily by Sr. Seraphica for the worst record of tardiness in the history of EHS...even though I lived a block and a half away &&& getting caught toilet papering the trees outside the girl's bathroom on 3rd leaning out the bathroom windows &&& getting "asked to leave" various classes whenever I was unsuccessful in stifling my uncontrollable fact bursting my eardrum when plugging my nose in World History class thanks to Mary Kammer, Bill Manion and Terry Skolaski, etc. etc). I truly adored my years at EHS, wouldn't have changed a thing and send kudos out to the Sinsinawa Dominicans who educated, nurtured, entertained &&& disciplined me for four awesome years! "

Thank you ! we should all have your memory......maybe you could have a table at the reunion and tell the rest of us what we did in highschool. Honestly, you're amazing. See you in July.


Neal and his wife Jean Marie(Spangler 70) are living in Bozeman, Montana. (BUUUURRRR!!) They have five children: Ben,35 - Hanna, 33 - Luke, 32 - Tahlia, 26 and Nicklaus, 20...AND 3 grandchildren.

Neal has been self-empoloyed:

"33 years in Business as Corbond Corporation. Recently the Company was sold to Johns Manville-a Berkshire Hathaway Company out of Denver Colorado that manufactures building materials across the globe. I currently consult on their behalf in Building Science and Construction, specializing in building envelope energy efficiency and Climate Isolation."

Favorite memory? "Meeting Jean in Sister Marie Fredric’s History Class "

See you in July!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Rosie Troia and her husband Jerry Thompson live in Fitchburg, Wisconsin and she is a teacher.

How has she spent these last years? "My husband and I travel during the summer."

Thanks Rosie - hopefully you"ll be home in time for the reunion!


Janice Zawacki is living in Madison and is a full-time IP legal assistant with the law firm of Foley and Lardner LLP.

What has she been up to ? Plenty ! "Working, gardening, renovating, traveling, cooking, reading, enjoying old friends and making new ones."

I love her favorite memory : "Sitting next to Fred Sommer in class and trying to outdo each other with puns and big words. (I'm chuckling even now as I write this.)"

Thanks Janice - hope to see you in July.


Connie Neuhauser Kwilasz is living in Cedarburg, Wisconsin. She is widowed and has two children: AJ is 27 and Christopher is 25.

Connie is a first grade teacher in the Mequon-Thiensville School District - this is her 25th year teaching the first graders !!

Her best EHS memories are her friends.

Monday, March 8, 2010


Mary Bridwell Kingston and her husband Richard ( Dick) reside in Marshfield, Wisconsin. They have two sons: Brett, 29 and Kyle, 25.

Mary is working par-time at the Marshfield Area Respite Center and has spent her years dealing with autism.

She "can't decide" on her favorite memories .......... and plans on joining us July.

See you then!


Connie Sweeney Alberti and husband Joel live in Madison. They have three daughters : Jessie is 29, Sarah is 28 and Jamie's 24......and they have 5 grandchildren. Connie is a retired Special Needs Teacher - she taught at Elvehjem Elementary for 9 years and MATC for 8 years.

And what has she been doing? "I spend a lot of time with my children and grandchildren. They are all truely a joy! Joel and I are movie fans and still have a regular Friday night date. We both love to explore small towns and stay at Bed and Breakfasts places. Reading is still a favorite things to do, I belong to a Book Club and love meeting and getting together with some of my old teaching buddies. I am into quilting and belong to a group in Mount Horeb. Occasionally, I enjoy taking a class from U.W. extension or mini-courses. Gardening, interior decorating, birding, being in nature, cooking, music are some of my favorite things to be involved in."

Her memories of EHS........"Enjoying the personalities of my many diverse friends, games, cheerleading and passing notes in class, plays, sleep-overs and toilet papering, and going to the bakery at 5 a.m., or was it 4?"

Thanks Connie


"Ok you two,,, mines up... Your turn.. Jon"

"I did mine. They must not have liked it?"

"I did mine too but I forgot to mention golf as an activity. must be
that subconsciously I know i'm no good at it."

"Would you guys take a fourth (Three Jacks and a
Jill) that plays once every three years and stinks? I play fast and
have no problem picking up if I start taking snowmen and moose. If
nothing else, I will keep you honest!"

"that's ok with me. I was hoping someone in my foursome would be as bad as me. How about it Jon and Joe. Anna makes 4..."

"I'm in.... Joe ??? Jon"

"I am in. Sign me up. Thanks Joe"

Who's on first?


Joe and his wife Karen have been married since 2003 and live in the Madison area. There are six children in the mix : Peter, 36 - Trever, 34 - Heather, 32 - Sara, 30 - Joseph, 26 - and Tony, 22. AND - three grandchildren.

Joe is STILL employed at the Gallina Companies - he must have an "in" with the boss.

And what else has he been doing? "Married Karen in 2003
Skiing As Much As Possible
Biking,Hiking & Spending Time With Family

Owner of The Gallina Companies -Development, Construction and Operating Apartment Communities in Wisconsin,Illinois and Florida since 1980"

I'm thinking you'll need a condo development just for the family.
See you in July.


John lives in Madison and has three children: Jenni, 26 Caitlin, 23 and Ethan, 12.

He is presently employed at UW-Madison, Division of Information Technology.

What else has he been up to? "working, spending time with my children, traveling, playing racquetball, skiing, watching movies and sports, celebrating life with those I love"

These are some great memories: "climbing the front of the school, the barbershop quartet and the day I saw "I LOVE JOHN STALEY" written in chalk on the front steps of EHS, now if I could just find out who did it...."

Looking forward to July....and now that this is out in the open - maybe we can get a confession from "The Secret Lover".

Sunday, March 7, 2010



I forgot.

But I do remember a few things about the blog:

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Alice Whitemarsh Spencer and her husband Christopher are living in Madison. They have two children - Noel Spencer, 27 and Sean Spencer, 24. Alice is retired and enjoys spending time volunteering.

Hope to see you in July.


Anne Weber Skowlund is married to Richard and they are living in Sheboygan, WI. They have two children - Julia, 32 and Michael, 29....and two grandchildren.

Anne is still working "Currently Parish Secretary at my church / previously Director of a small non-profit.

Being a Grandma and loving it. Visited England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland in September - it was great."

Her favorite memories?"Lots - potlucks before the football games/dances/Annie Get Your Gun/friendships"

We are excited to know we'll see you in July !!


“Daz” and his wife Diane are currently living in Des Moines, Iowa. They have 3 grandchildren, a daughter Jennifer 36 living in Omaha, Nebraska and a son John 32 living in Huntington Beach CA.

DAZ is on his third career. After serving in the Air Force for 20 years, City Administration for 12 years, he is now working in the technology field, a network administrator for an ISP. Daz graduated from the University of Nebraska Omaha with a BGS in 1984 and a MPA in 1988. Mike, while in the AF, served in numerous locations around the world including 3 years in London England, Alaska, Montana, North Carolina and Omaha NE. While assigned to Strategic Air Command Headquarters he worked on the development and fire protection for the B-2 “Stealth Bomber”. He was city administrator in Alton IA, Bayard NE and Pleasant Hill IA. After all the moving he decided to get into a field where he would not be moving so much. " We are looking to retire in the southwest. Tired of snow and hot humid summers the south west will prove a nice change."

For pleasure Diane and Mike travel extensively, Mike caught the fly fishing bug in Western Nebraska.

Favorite memories? State baseball tournaments and of course 314 Broom and water skiing on Lake Wingra in the “Durks” boat.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


"P" and her husband Alfonso Gutierrez have returned to Madison and are living, working and raising children here. Their two sons are Alejandro - 23 and Martin - 22 and their daughter Camila is 19.

What has P been up to ? "I'm still teaching--this will be my 35th year!
My family and I moved back to Madison several years ago after having lived in quite a few different places. It's good to be back! Madison is a wonderful place to live. We'll stay here until our children are done with college (one's finished, one's almost finished, and one's thinking about starting...). Then we may split our time across countries."

Favorite memories? During EHS she remembers "Ski trips, poetry readings by the excavation for the new pool (!), sleep-overs at the Marquis' cottage, Ma Caravello's hash brown potatoes, Mrs. Goggin's and Aunt Sabina's cookies, canoe trips down the Wisconsin River, Sr. Margaret Mary Toomey, cruising in U-Haul trucks"

"Some highlights of the past 40 years: I...worked at the hotel where Dirty Dancing was filmed...studied in Switzerland, and many Madisonians came to visit (some of them multiple times)...taught at a medium-security men's prison in California, where Bill Harris (of the Patty Hearst kidnapping) was one of my teacher aides and where Tex Watson (of the Manson family) was in my GED prep class...published several textbooks and other teaching resources...had two sons and adopted a daughter...raised our children bilingually (English and Spanish)....was a U.S. Foreign Service nominee, a Fulbright scholar, and a Harvard teaching fellow. Now, after all these years, I'm happily teaching at Verona Area High School--bilingual GED classes and several ESL classes--and enjoying life back in Madison."

P - we are so happy to have you back ! but you are the second person to mention Aunt Sabina's cookies and I'm starting to feel I really missed something.
See you in July !

Friday, March 5, 2010


Jon and his wife Sue are living in Verona, Wi. They have three children: Kathelene Sheridan - 31, Tyler Welch - 29, Kimberly Welch - 24.

Sue and Jon work together - self-employed.........Jon is not quite sure who's the boss.

so - what have they been up to ? "Work ( semi retired, I only work 40 hrs a week instead of 70 hrs ) ,, SKIING all that I can, Tennis 3 or 4 times a week, shooting, fixing up a 1968 Camaro SS... hit the gym some times ( you would think I'd be a lot thinner ).Traveling with Sue.....................did I mention Skiing ???? "

and some memories?? "EHS memories - Racing Joe Gallina to school., Sister Elonise, climbing with John Staley................for the years after that every thing about my wife & kids & Skiing......"

Great to know we will see you in July !