Saturday, March 13, 2010


Mary Kay Wackwitz Johnson and her husband Dennis live in Madison and they have two children: Meghan is 28 and Michael is 27. Mary Kay is an Instructional Resource Teacher within the Madison Metropolitan School District.

And what has she been up to? "I have been thinking about this question for awhile and was wondering what I should write. I have never left the westside of Madison, have worked in the Madison Schools for 37 years, and am as predictable as I was in high school. So what else can I say?
I have been married for 30 years and have two great children. Both Meghan and Michael graduated from Edgewood High School. So I enjoyed my second and third time going through EHS. It was fun to see many of our classmates there as parents. We had the privilege to chair Edgefest for two years--one being the last year of the event!! I also taught the football teams parents the school fight song--and the hymn. This itself was interesting since I was always told that mouthing the words would be better than actually vocalizing!! (for all the BS grads--remember how we were numbered 1-3--I was a three).

Meghan has followed me into education and Mike has become a business owner like his dad. I hope to retire within this year."

Favorite memories ? "I fondly remember all the football games and the basketball games (in the old gym!!!)--going to state basketball tournaments our freshman year, and study halls in the cafeteria!!"

Mary Kay - I thank you for being the experienced and guiding light behind this reunion
See you in July - well - and many times before that!

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