Monday, March 22, 2010


Patty Goggin and her husband Steve Kehm live in Wautoma, WI (well, sort of) and have two children: Molly, 28 and Maxwell, 27.

Patty is a teacher- a reading specialist - and is presently working in Arequipa, Peru.

So what has she been up to and how did she end up in Peru ? "After EHS….there was UW, the Peace Corps, marriage, two kids , teaching in WI, CA and other places around the world. Lots of traveling. I also worked for Habitat for Humanity and as an EMT for our local emergency services. We always have kept our home in Central WI where our children were born so that we could all have roots. As a result, both our kids graduated from the UW and are big Badger fans. Right now, Steve and I work in Arequipa, Peru (high in the Andes!) teaching during the week and on the weekends, hiking, exploring , and helping with a variety of educational projects that serve the poor in rural Arequipa."

Favorite memories? "Memories of EHS… friends, walking home from school and stopping to drink a cherry coke at the drug store, the music, dances, the changing social, political, and religious times, Spanish class, camping trips, sunrise on picnic point. Senior year…skipping classes to go watch the demonstrations at the UW and realizing that there was another world awaiting us….."

Happy to know we'll see you in July !

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