Thursday, March 4, 2010


Ed and his wife Julie live in Madison. They have two sons, David 29 and Brian 25. David is married - Brian is single. Ed is still enjoying his job at SubZero. And what else has been going on?

"After high school, I attended UW-Madison, and graduated with a BBA in 1973 and an MBA in 1974. Found my soulmate in 1971 while on a summer vacation trip with Howie Heusinger, and luckily she chose me over Howie! Julie and I were married in 1975 (she also graduated from UW-Madison in 1974) and had two sons who are now both working in Chicago after also graduating from UW-Madison (seems to be a trend in our family!). My older son David was married last fall. My younger son Brian is still single . I was employed in various accounting and finance positions for Oscar Mayer/Kraft Foods from 1972 to 1995, where I worked with fellow EHS '69 classmates Mike McKenna and Terry Skolaski. Was very fortunate to find a second career at Sub-Zero in 1995 where I've been for the past 15 years. I still enjoy going to work every day and being part of a company where making high quality products that consumers want is our focus. Now I see another classmate every day at Sub-Zero in Pat Phelan, whose wife Judy (Choles) is on our class reunion committee (small world!). Julie and I are avid Badger basketball and football fans and longtime season ticket holders. It's great seeing Tom Fahey's son Dan on the Kohl Center floor as a member of the Badger team this year. "

Ed has wonderful memories of his years at EHS : "It's hard to pick one memory as a favorite and I've probably forgotten more than I can remember, but I am thankful for many things about having the opportunity to attend and graduate from Edgewood High School.
-Having parents with the foresight and commitment to send me to Edgewood along with my older sister Kathleen (EHS '68) and younger brother Steve (EHS '70). Coming from Middleton and having attended public school grades K thru 8, I fought my parents tooth and nail to send me to Middleton high school but thankfully they didn't give in!
-Having the opportunity to compete in class with some very smart kids who it was impossible to get better grades than (Steve Roth, Steve Riederer, Katie Miller, and Peggy Zweifel come to mind; don't fret if I didn't mention your name, remember we're all getting forgetful!).
-Making life long friends in Mike McKenna and Dave Heilman, who I still do things with since we all live in Madison. I still can't believe we didn't stop to party in New Orleans on New Years Eve in 1968 (see Mike McKenna's post), but hey, that was why we weren't members of I Phelta Thi!
-Being a part of the Edgewood community and reconnecting with old friends such as my former EHS band director Dennis McKinley. Seeing people like Dennis who are so committed to keeping the Edgewood spirit alive is awe inspiring to say the least.
-Having very committed teachers at EHS whose mission was to prepare us for the world (remember Sister Alphonsine and her NHS motto (No Hollow Students)? There were definitely some characters in our teachers at Edgewood, but more importantly they were selfless and only cared about making their students better (my memory of them seems to be improving with age!).
Thank you, Anna for organizing the class reunion and setting up the blog. I hope all of our classmates post updates so all of us can find out what our classmates have been up to. Thanks also to the other members of the reunion committee who made this happen. Having a 40th reunion would have been so ho hum. A 41st reunion makes us unique! Way to go, class of '69! Looking forward to seeing all of you in July."

Thanks Ed - we're pretty excited too!

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