Thursday, April 29, 2010


Bob Ripp and his wife Karen live in Madeira,OH. They have five children: Micah, 37 - Tara, 34 - Natasha, 31 - Tanya, 28 and Cassandra 26. They also have 7 grandchildren.

Bob retired from H.J. Heinz Corporation in May 2008 after 34 years. (jealous)

And what has he been doing with all his "spare time" ? "Founded KABR Consulting to assist Food and Packaging Companies interested in doing business with the US Military - develop business models to help them succeed in their efforts.

Currently serving as Chairman of the Board of The Research and Development Associates for Military Food and Packaging Systems Inc. an industry association focused on development of novel food preservation and packaging technologies in support of the U.S. Armed Forces. "

very cool......

Thanks Bob - and hopefully we will see you in July.


Katie Schmidt Yde and her husband Dick live in Madison. They have three children:
Sonja, 29........Josh, 27 and Ben , 25.

Working? ........"I work as an RN at an ambulatory surgery center and also sell stained glass...."

And what else has she been up to ?........ "I have been getting old. I also make Tiffany lamp reproductions up to28" in diameter and win medals in Triathlons (at our age, all one has to do to medal is finish the race!)"

How about some favorite memories?.........."Sunrise swims off Picnic Point in March as soon as the ice was out (who was that gorgeous young priest who joined us?). Also twice getting caught at EHS for doing some pretty naughty things."

Thanks Katie!! Happy to know we will see you this summer......and I'm going to want some details.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Randy and his wife Maryjo are living in Stoughton, WI. They have three children: Chad who is 24, Eric is 23 and Adam who is 21.

Randy is working as the "Chief Estimator at H & H Industries Mechanical Contractor"

How does he spend his days? "Work long hours, walk with our dogs, am an avid hockey fan.

Favorite EHS memory: "Earl Wilke pitching softball in outdoor gym class and Tom Feeney hits a line drive back to Earl’s jewels. Earl’s reaction after getting back on his feet, "FEENEY - you get an 'F'! "

OMG that made me laugh out loud....thanks for that, Randy.
Happy to know we will see you in July.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Mike Faulkner is living in Madison and has two children - Jesse who is 28 an Brett who is 26.

Michael is working at AT & T - he has been with them for 38 years.

Looking forward to seeing you in July!

Monday, April 26, 2010


Dr. Peter Bergenske and his wife Cheryl Bruce live in Alpharetta, GA. They have five children: Megan, 29 - Alex, 27 - Jacob, 25 - Melissa, 23 and Jacob who is 16. They have 6 grandchildren.

Peter is working for Ciba Vision.

And what has he been up to ? "For 40 years, in an email? Graduated UW then UC Berkeley. Practiced optometry in Madison area for 22 years. Joined faculty at Pacific University in Oregon (state of), then joined Ciba Vision Corp (in Atlanta area) as Director of clinical research and development. Currently working in professional services for Ciba Vision.
Gave up skateboarding but still cycling, still play guitar regularly."

Favorite EHS memory ...."Being done with high school "

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Patrick O'Rourke and his wife Patricia (boy, I bet that can get confusing) are living in Madison and have four children: Ryan O'Rourke, 28 - Phillip Wilcox, 21 - Leanna Wilcox, 17 - and Killian O'Rourke, 10.

Pat is semi retired and is spending these days enjoying life and family.

And his favorite memories of high school? "looking at the year book, 41 years later."

Thanks Pat - happy to know we will see you this summer !

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Chris Rodgers and his wife Theresa live in LaGrange Park, Ill. He is Vice President at Central Steel and Wire. He spends his time "Working and striving to avoid the Grim Reaper".

How about some favorite memories? "My favorite memory during the HS school years that I am willing to discuss openly was the UHaul escapade.

My favorite post HS memory involving classmates was the summer immediately after graduation when Peter Bergenske, Don Esser, Barb Hansen and I bummed around Europe with Bergenske and Rodgers ending up in Moscow. Peter and I played frisbee in Red Square and narrowly avoided arrest by fleeing Kremlin guards and getting lost in GUM Dept store among the shoppers. There was another incident on that trip which is probably in KGB files and I ain't talking. "

Hope you'll make it in July Chis......hey - it's a short drive and I want more details.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


It's the BIRTHDAY GIRL!! Happy Birthday to you !

Julie and her husband Steve live in Madison. She is now retired (jealous) and spends her time "Attending lots of country concerts, Nascar races,vacationing, spending time with my husband and my 2 cats."

Her favorite memories?........ " Favorite memories from high school, that's a tough one. There were so many. Hanging out with all my friends and partying with them. That was a blast from the past, and I sure do miss those days...If we could only turn back time!! "

Thanks Julie..have a great day and hopefully we will see you this summer.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Katie Miller Kolliner is living in Hudson, Ohio. She has two children: Joseph is 23 and Daniel is 20.

Katie was retired, widowed , and now working again.

"After college and graduate school, I married Andrew Kolliner and spent my professional years in bank marketing before settling into being a full-time mom in 1987. In 1997, I became a full-time single mom. Now both "children" are in college (one an artist, the other a musician) and I have returned to the work force as a marketing entrepreneur. Recently, I became engaged and will eventually marry one Joseph England. There's no steaming rush at our age!"

Congratulations to you both !

Her favorite memory? "Alternative senior mass held in the old library."

Thanks Katie, hope we will see you in July.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Joe Cooper and his wife Sue live in Madison. They have four children: Jennifer, 33 - Travis, 30 - Courtney, 28 - and Cary, 23. They also have four grandchildren.

Joe is working at the UW "32 years at UW-Residence Halls … Assistant Director of Physical Facilities "

How does he enjoy his days? "I am the Head Coach at West HS in Girls Volleyball & Assistant Coach at Edgewood HS in softball. I (along with Sue) love to garden, walk our dog and bug my grandchildren (all girls!!!)"

How about his favorite memories....."In high school it was my friends, our apartment our senior year (I Felt a Thigh) & sports – my favorite teacher or coach of all time was George Chrsyt (who I think of a lot when I am coaching) "

Thanks Joe - great to know we'll see you in July!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Kathy Blessing and her husband, Daryl Persick are living in Hubertus, WI. They have two children: Bryan is 31 and Beth is 28 .....they also have a grandchild.

Kathy is a teacher....and hopefully we will see her this summer.

ThanksKathy .

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Thomas Swanson lives in Portsmouth, VA with his wife Kari. They have three children: Kelsey is 33, Abby is 31 and Lindsay is 27. They also have three grandchildren.

Tom is retired........(JEALOUS). And how has he been spending all this free time? "Focusing on family and friends, I do some occasional consulting for business, run, spend time with the grand children."

Favorite memory? In this case I think it was "Biggest Memory"......"I skipped school one Friday, the next Monday in the morning announcements I was called to report to Sister Serafagus? office. I knew it was probably about Friday. I had to meet here at admissions, she was very small and frail so how bad could it be?? Well lets just say I was chipping ice and doing after school for two weeks. To this day her lecture and scolding is probably the worst I've ever had."

AH HAHAHA I love this!

And I love knowing that we will see you in July.

Friday, April 16, 2010


Sometimes bad things happen to good people. My apologies to any of you inconvenienced but the incredible hack job done to my sweet, innocent computer. My entire contact list was pirated so don't ever open anything from marysverandah again. Also - some may get this message several times as I have different lists I am contacting, so forgive the repetition. Since I have no records - I don't know who was affected.

Makes me sad - I have been operating from the verandah for years. sigh


Monday, April 12, 2010


be back in a few days

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Barbara is living in Clintonville, Wisconsin. Barb has two children: Colleen who is 33 and Ben who is 30.

She is teaching middle school. The fact that she has been doing that all these years is astonishing to me........I admire all teachers - but middle school must be really trying.

Favorite memory? "My favorite memory is of my sophomore year when Mr. Meverden led the EHS band at the State competition, and we won first place."

Hope we see you in July.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Dan Baker and his wife Maureen (Fahey '69) are living in Carmel, Indiana and have two daughters: Amy is 30 and Angie is 29.

Dan is retired - LUCKY !

So how is he filling his days? "Golf, Rollerblading, Travel, Gardening"

Thanks, Dan - enjoy.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Deborah Walsh Brunmeier and her husband Michael are living in Campbellsport, Wi and have four children : Melanie, 31 - Josh, 30 - Jared, 29 and James , 27. Michael has his own business and Deborah (she'll always be Debbie to me) works part-time as a secretary for him.

What else have they been doing? "Our children had the nerve to grow up and leave home. Not only did they leave home, but they left the country! Our daughter is living in the Virgin Islands, and 2 of our sons have been living in Perth, Australia for the past 3 1/2 years. Our oldest son was in the Marines and part of the Recon group who led the invasion of Iraq (we fortunately did not know that) He has just graduated from UW-M with a degree in Civil Engineering, and is job hunting.
My husband owns his own business and works long hours. When he can get away we chase the children around the world visiting them. We did make it to Australia last February - quite an experience: the boys arranged a wine tour, canoe trip, body surfing in the Indian Ocean, dune climbing etc. Mike doesn't mind if I travel without him, and so I do! Our oldest son and I went somewhere every May, right after finals - we adventured in Australia, Portugal and Istanbul. It was great. We plan our own trips, and rent apartments instead of hotel rooms, and spend a lot of time mixing with "the locals", getting lost, people watching, cafe sitting and other such fun activities. Being history lovers we try and visit as many museums as possible! We figure that most days we walk about 8 miles. "

How about some favorite memories "Camping trips with the girls - Denise cooking breakfast over the campfire
Sleepovers at Denise Marquis's cottage.... the boys would sneak down and "spy" on us, hide under cars, grab ankles etc etc
Sailing on Lake Mendota and all the mishaps that invariably occurred

Thanks, Deborah - looking forward to seeing you in July.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


John Rieder and his wife Nancy are living in LaCrosse, Wi and they have a daughter Eva who is 18. John is retired from the restaurant business....Eva is attending University of Colorado.

"We are empty nesters and have been traveling,skiing,golfing,biking,playing tennis and birding.
Retirement is highly under rated."

He has great Edgewood memories: "EHS memories are too many - but were wonderful. Great times had by all!"

Great to know we'll see you in July!

Monday, April 5, 2010



This birthday girl, Kathy Fries Lieberman is living in Eugene, OR with her husband Eric. They have three children: Alex, 29 - Andrea, 26 - and Aaron, 23.

Kathy has been an RN and is now retired. They lived for thirty years in Northern California and have been in Eugene for the past 1 1/2 years.

What she remembers most ....." nice people".

Thanks Kathy - and Happy Birthday.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Fran Genter and his wife Marianne live in Madison. They have three children: Katie is 26 and Laura and Dan are 24.

Fran is working - "Dane County Dept of Human Services, Manager of Adult Community Services Div. "

How has he been spending his time all these past years - "Working hard, enjoy biking, swimming at the YMCA, reading, Badger sports and going to hear live music, went to visit my son Dan is Seoul, S Korea in 2009".

Fran says he has MANY great memories of his EHS years.

Thanks , Fran --See you in July!

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Elizabeth Goodno Weisshar is living in Middleton, WI with her husband Carl. They have two daughters: Adrienne is 30 and Christine is 27.

Elizabeth is retired and spends her time with " 2 granddogs and 2 grandcats" and enjoying retirement.

Hope we see you this summer.

Friday, April 2, 2010


Jim Dresen and his wife Mary Jo live in Madison and have three children: Maggie, 31 - Matt, 28 - and Emily, 26.......and one grandchild.

Jim is working and has been spending the years "enjoying life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in the Mad City!"

favorite memories? "Memories are gradually fading, however one stands out. Proving Sr. Alphonsine wrong when she wagged her finger and said "you're not college material". Avoided the draft and graduated without honors from UW Madison '73"

Well Jim - you finished faster than I did ! Happy to know we'll see you in July - woo hoo !

Thursday, April 1, 2010


I realized today, after doing some fact gathering, that for the Class of '69....we are missing survey responses from ......( drum roll) .........69 people.! We are just trying to do a bit of spotlighting for each of you and so if you have a friend who has not answered our survey - let them know that it's no big deal....we just want to know the person you have become.