Monday, March 15, 2010


Tim and his wife Lynda live in Madison and have a daughter Jennifer who is 25. Tim is working but this will be his last year - by the time we see him he will be retired....

"I have been teaching biology and coaching tennis at Monona Grove High School for 23 years. I plan to retire in June and seek new horizons. I look forward to making more time for tennis, singing, playing guitar, and sailing whenever I can. My wife Lynda and I have raised a daughter who is 25, now training to be a high school biology teacher."

Special memories? "I'm going to go with singing in four part harmony with The Three Flats- Steve Riederer, John Staley and Kevin Farley. If only there had been American Idol in 1969!

A close second- in LaCrosse for the basketball tournament, doing physics problems in a motel room at 4 a.m. with some of my favorite nerds. I bet nobody knew just how much fun we could have when we really got going!"

Looking forward to seeing you in July.....and I never thought of you as a nerd !

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