Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Mary Wallace and her husband Paul Saeman ('68) are living in Madison and have three children : Melody, 28 - Gabe, 26 and Sandhya, 25. Mary is employed ...and says her activities of the last years are a looooong story. She'll fill us in soon.

I love her favorite memory:

"It’s toss up between the sunrise picnics and Edgewood’s theater productions, particularly Dan L. playing Cyrano De Bergerac. While he was fighting a duel that his character is supposed to lose, his opponent’s sword suddenly flew out of his hand and into the audience. Dan made up rhyming couplets on the spot to explain his actions as he jumped down into the audience, tossed the sword to his opponent, and they continued the duel."

See you this summer!

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