Monday, July 26, 2010



Stephan Roth and his wife Ann Denise Roth are living in Bethesda, MD. They have four children: Elena, 22 - Daniel, 20 - Caroline, 17 and Lauren, 17.

Steve is working: "Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP ; employed since 1977; partner since 1983"

And what has he been doing all these years? "Living in DC area since graduated from law school in 1976. Married since 1985, with 4 great kids. In the midst of funding college educations (3 next year)! Working as a lawyer with a law firm in DC, specializing in investment management and insurance law. Running and skiing when I'm not working. Maybe golf and other hobbies are on the horizon, but the challenge is finding the time.

Lately I've been shoveling a lot of snow -- sure reminds me of Madison!"

How about some EHS memories " Lots of wonderful memories, but no one stands out. High school was a great chapter in my life. I'm only sorry I haven't kept in better touch with more folks from Edgewood."

Thank you ! See you in a few days!

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