Thursday, July 22, 2010


Bill Spohn and his wife Mary Jane Mooney Spohn ( yes, OUR Mary Jane) are living in Madison, WI. They have three children : John, 34 - Jeff, 32 and Chris, 26. AND they have one grandchild.

Bill is a "Retired Assistant Fire Chief, City of Madison Fire Department" and Mary Jane is "Retired from Madison Metropolitan School District"

so I'm doubly jealous !

And now what fills their days ? Mary Jane is "currently a substitute teacher" and loves "spending time with our grandson and our children now that we are retired; Traveling; beading; reading and enjoying as much time up north as we can."

Bill "currently employed as an Administrator with USA Hockey".

Any favorite memories from EHS - besides finding each other !!??

Bill .....?.......anything?
Mary Jane? "Finding friends that have lasted a life time!"
Thanks Mary Jane - I'm sure that was what Bill was going to say.

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