Sunday, July 25, 2010


Patricia Sgroi Niglis and Curt Niglis are living in Poynette, WI. I had posted the following entry on St. Valentine's Day:

"I wanted to have a current photo for this love story - but it is so fitting to post today - St. Valentine's Day - I will just have to add a visual when I receive one. (I love this story)

Our classmates Patty Sgroi and Curt Niglis didn't really know each other in high school - they had only one casual meeting.....and never met at any of our reunions. But in 1999 - when EHS had an "all school reunion" - they both attended.

I asked Curt if had he known Patty before and for the scoop on their meeting:

"No we did not know each other in H.S. I met her once there with John Ball (God rest his soul) and that was it. We met at the Wonder Bar where the re-union was taking place. After attending the Edgewood golf outing at Yahara, Marc Sanna and I went there. She was sitting up front having a bite to eat. I said hello, introduced myself and gave her a one liner not knowing she was part of our class. She liked the joke and we have been talking ever since. "

I jut wanted to add a few things.......
two children: Michelle, 37 and Michael, 35......and there are 4 grandchildren.

Patricia is currently "Credit Manager-The Douglas Stewart Company"

They are keeping very busy: "Working, traveling, taking care of both flower and vegetable garden. Curtis and I have a beautiful backyard that was on the Poynette Garden Tour a couple of years ago. This is both Curtis and my 2nd marriage."

Can't wait to see you next week!

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