Sunday, September 5, 2010


Dear Anna,

I cannot thank you, Mary, and the rest of your crew enough for all the work you put into not only putting on a fabulous weekend of reunion events, but also making sure that we stay connected. Each person I talked to reminded me of what a great class we had, especially that last year when the synergy of the sixties, the dynamic personalities of our class, and some inspired teachers brought us together in ways uncommon in ordinary high schools. I know not everyone was lucky enough to feel this, and some felt the opposite, but it pulled me out of my introverted shell and helped me immeasurably in the rest of my life. I was so sad to hear of the rough times many of our classmates have had in the interim and amazed by their resilience. P.S. Everyone looked marvelous.

I would love to get together for a 45th and would like to help in any non-leadership way needed. You’ve set a very high standard with this year’s reunion, especially with your unflagging efforts to reach everyone. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to talk to you at either event that I attended. My husband had been up since 2 am Saturday flying home from New York, so we needed to put him to bed and missed much of the program—bet it was fun.

Hope to see you around town sometime.

Mary Wallace

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