Friday, October 29, 2010


The Mother Ship.

Those of you on Facebook already know this story - but it's worth repeating. There were many comments made during the reunion and in the blog profiles about our dear Sinsinawa Dominicans. We have matured enough (some of us) to realize how lucky we were to have them as our teachers and what incredible, smart , devoted women they were.

Serendipity rose to the occasion and a travel article mentioned the beautiful drive along the Wisconsin River and the fabulous baked goods sold at Sinsinawa. Marcia Wagner called me and asked if I felt like a drive in the country to which I responded in my best Animal House voice "ROAD TRIP" !! She drove out to the church and spent the night and we hit the road early the next morning . We were blessed with a perfect Fall Day.

It was a lovely drive...lots of wrong turns as we chose to meander down little roads. There were detours due to flooding and the "Ole' Mississip" was high...but we made it. As we made the final approach and a hill rose out of the corn fields I gasped "OMG - it really IS a mound".


We walked mostly in silence - it was very reflective and I recommend the trip to anyone. It was a bit spooky to think that of all the headstones - this is the one that caught my eye. And I checked - it is the one and only.

We walked the labyrinth - bought the baked goods - and laughed all the way home!

Try it - you'll like it.

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