Saturday, June 26, 2010


Mark DiRienzo and his wife Becky live in Denton,NC. They have two children: Michelle is 36 and Anne is 32....and they have three grandchildren.

Mark's working: "I work for Piedmont Triad Anesthesia PA., as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA), in Winston-Salem, NC. "

And what else has been doing ? "Primarily, I have provided Anesthesia services, at the 2nd largest hospital in North Carolina, Forsyth Medical Center. I have also enjoyed being an Anesthesia Clinical Instructor, for Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, and have served on their Admissions Board. I love being a father, and a grandfather, and spending time with my family! We are very involved with our Church, and consider the members to be our family in Christ. We live on High Rock Lake, and enjoy the beauty of the water and wildlife, as well as friend and family gatherings on the water. I am also a private pilot, and enjoy seeing the earth from a different perspective! I have been to Oshkosh several times, for the EAA Air Show. Most of our trips to WI have been to visit family, so unfortunately, I have spent very little time in Madison. Last summer was my first time there in many years!"

Any favorite memories? "Many of my favorite memories involve being a member of the Band. We took many trips together, and I particularly enjoyed playing trumpet at the many basketball and football games! I always had trouble concentrating in class, after being outside for marching band practice. The sounds of the drums, thanks to Dave Heilman and Company continued to resonate in my ears for hours afterward, and usually found their way to my fingers, drumming on the desk in class! I enjoyed playing trumpet with Mike McKenna, and Timothy Thousand (class of 70). Mike and I were roomates our freshman year at UWEC! There are so many other people that I think of fondly, from High School, and unfortunately, I have not done a very good job of keeping in touch with them !"

Thanks Mark - I know we're a long way from N.C. - but it would be wonderful to see you.


Mary Kay said...

It would be great if you could come to the reunion--Dave and Mike will definitely be there (no drums or trumpets, though) I ran into Mike last night and he told me that Dave is giving drum lesson to his son!!
Every time I read that band was a memorable experience, I smile.
Mary Kay Wackwitz Johnson (the not so great saxophone player)

Mark DiRienzo said...

I really enjoyed band class, and especially the many people in the band. You were always fun to joke with, and I always thought you played well!

Still not sure if I can make it up there for the reunion, but you guys are always in my heart and a big part of many fond memories


Mary Kay said...

My daughter lives next door to Dennis McKinley--I am going to tell him that you thought that I played well--he has been telling my daughter that I was better at talking during band than playing during band---now that may be true!!!
If you cannot make it for this reunion, make sure you come to the 50th (hard to believe that that is our next reunion--yikes)