Sunday, July 18, 2010


When we first began to plan this reunion we pictured a larger, more formal event. We had hoped to have a venue that would allow a "program", speakers, etc. The costs for a dinner at a place like that , we felt, was so high that it would prohibit some people from attending and we opted for a more casual affair. One of the speakers we had wanted to invite was Dan Joynt. Because Adler's is so casual - we dismissed those ideas - but Dan has sent this message onto all of you:

"In spirit I will be with you and the EHS Class of '69 for your Reunion. Yes, I would appreciate it if you would provide my email contact to classmates. I also would appreciate it if you would make the following message available to them.

'1969 was my second year at EHS. It was a privilege to be at Edgewood and I cherish it as one of the most special learning experiences of my life... yes learning experiences! I got to know you in many different arenas. I connected with many of you as athletes. I remember even having a sprint race with several students. I engaged many of you in the classroom to discuss some of the exciting changes in the Church as a result of Vatican II theologians and laity! You were so willing to listen and display excitement, realizing how important lay people are in the Cath. Church. As president of the ski club we had ski trips and often saw each other at the Winter Green Ski Hill near Spring Green... you taught me some good moves. Of course so many of you came by my office on the main floor of the original school building. Those were some of the most cherished meetings. We shared so many things including struggles, rewarding moments, or just the time of day. Learning experiences... all of them.
I chose to finish my Theology Studies at Boston College and continue on to get a PhD in Counseling Psychology. You students provided so much of the interest and motivation for me to pursue human and interpersonal studies. I am lucky that when we met, we met with honesty and shared very personal issues... often with tears or laughter and joy. One Professor at BC shared the following: "The only question God will ask us at the time of 'final judgment' is; how hard did you struggle? And remember, that within the courage to live is the greatest amount of joy!!" So I thank you for ways you as a young person who supported me during part of my journey... during my struggle. And yes, you have contributed to my joy and I hope I have been of support for your courage and journey. Each of you have contributed to my current work as a professor and counselor... you are a special memory.'

Daniel Joynt"

he would love to hear from you :

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