Wednesday, July 28, 2010


For those of you who will not be with us - keep these classmates in your thoughts on Sunday as we attend mass - and always when you remember our years together:

John C. Alderson 5/28/2005

John J. Balistreri 4/27/2000

Colleen A. Freiling Fox 4/15/2006

Susan E. Kelley Haight 11/22/1983

Howard J. Huesinger 11/28/2002

Gary T.Lloyd 7/14/1973

David J. Majerus 8/27/1977

Majorie J. McGettigan 10/23/1970

Mary Anne Horkan Schmitt 1/25/2000

Neal C. Spink 11/12/1991

Patricia M. Tefft-Cousin 6/30/1999

Susan J. Waddell 11/22/2009

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