Friday, August 27, 2010

AND THE ANSWER IS......................

We all had a great time ! And I love the comments that are coming in:

Hey Anna,
Thanks for the followup message and the directories.
Sorry I couldn't make it for the reunion, but it sounds like it was a lot of fun.
I hope to make it next time. Thank you and Mary Kay and Mary for all of your efforts!
-Steve Riederer

Thanks so much, Anna.
I had a wonderful time and appreciate all that Mary Kay, Mary, Anna and Kevin did to make this happen for us! The reunion was super. I liked the informal venue, the food, the great conversations, being able to move around and catch up, make and renew friendships, and be in the authentic and beautiful presence of so many wonderful people. My surprise? The fact that over half of our class and their spouses were there. Yes, a 45th sounds good. Thanks again!
Marcia Lins Phillips

Thanks for all your hard work Anna!

I thought the reunion was a total success. I have heard from some that did not attend (and are on Facebook), that they wished they had attended because it sounded like everyone had such a good time.

I would be in favor of a 45th (or 46th ;) reunion.

Peg Lucas

Just keep those cards and letters comin' in !

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Mary Kay said...

I think that the idea of the 45th is a good one--I haven't seen MAry since the reunion and I am having symptoms of withdrawal!!!!!
Mary Kay
Thanks to everyone who made it such a memorable event.
If you get a chance to stop in at Adlers let them know how great the food and service was on thew 31st.