Tuesday, July 20, 2010


COUNTDOWN - 10 days

Pam Klinzing is living in Madison, WI. Pam has one child , Dustin.

"Dustin has a daughter, Myricle. Myricle is three years and 10 months. Myricle got her name because she was a one pound and 9 ounce baby who was born at 27 weeks in her development. Myricle lives with Dustin, myself, and my Mom half of the time. Ariana is my Grandchild by choice. She is seven years old and attends first grade at Midvale school. I love taking Myricle and Ariana to swimming lessons and swimming after lessons. Myricle also attends Kindermusik with me each week in Waunakee. This is a wonderful opportunity for Myricle and I. I am attending the "Conscious Discipline" class that is based on Dr. Becky A. Bailey's Book. Myricle responds to this approach. "

"I am a retired Teacher from Madison Metro. School District. This is my second year of early retirement. I have two jobs currently. I drive a van for Badger Bus. I transport students (who have special needs) to and from school. I work about 21 hours a week based upon the routes given. I also work for Source Interlink. I put out weekly and monthly magazines at a grocery store. I recycle the out of date magazines to the company I work for. This is about 4 hours a week.
These jobs fit into my life nicely. I can work around my responsibilities at home and still have some alone time for myself."

Thank you so much, Pam.... I do hope we see you - soon !!

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Mary Kay said...

I thought that retirement was a time to slow down a bit!!!