Friday, February 12, 2010


Mary Ellen and Tom Fahey live in Chicago where he is a managing partner at Ungaretti and Harris Law Firm. They have five children: Colleen 24, Tom 23, Meghan 22 and twins Matt and Dan 19.

What has he been doing? "Have tried to keep it house; one wife; one job; five kids now nearing their ejection into adulthood. Transplanted successfully into the Beverly neighborhood on the south side of Chicago in 1976 but returning frequently to Madison to visit my mother, my high school friends, and children (three of whom have gone and are now going to the UW".

How about some memories: Black Sox shenanigans, Aunt Sabina's cookies, basement parties freshman year; 314 Broom; baseball with Mr. Osipowicz; etc. etc.

Thank you Tom - and happy to know we'll see you in July.....and who is Aunt Sabina and why didn't I know about her cookies? And "hello....what about prom?"

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