Monday, February 22, 2010


Ann Chickering Saxer is loving life in Largo, Florida. She works for a small family owned food service distributor. She has two sons: Erik 32 and Adam 31 and two grandchildren.

What has she been doing besides working on her tan ? "I was married for 25 years to Tom and then I got divorced and moved to Florida where my parents and my oldest brother lived. Since I moved here I have lost both of my parents (they both made it to 90!) and my brother Jim who was in the class of '67 has also passed away. I have two sons and two grandchildren. My younger son is married and has two kids - Brandon, 9 and Jadamarie, 7. My older son is with the USDA and is in Colorado at this time but he would like to get back to the Midwest.

I thoroughly enjoy the warm weather here in Florida and have no intention of moving back to the frozen north."

And you gotta love these memories !

"Betty Zeier and I skipped school one day our senior year and she called herself in (as you may remember her parents were both deaf). So I decided to call myself in and say that I was my mom - well, Sister Seraphica didn't believe me and she called my mom and told her I was not in school so when I got home that afternoon my mom had her sorority club at our house but she was looking daggers at me so I knew I had been caught!

Also, the wonderful homemade lunches we used to get in the cafeteria.

Another great memory is the group of us that hung around together used to take turns dressing up to look pregnant in order to go into liquor stores to buy beer. Whoever was the 'prego' that night always bought 6 / 6 packs of Schlitz Malt! Yikes, those were the days."

(I remember those shenanigans ....Bunbury was the BEST )

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