Saturday, February 13, 2010


Mike and his wife, Cynthia, reside in Madison . Mike has been with Kraft Foods/Oscar Mayer for almost 37 years and is currently the TEAC & Trans Program Admin. Manager. They have a daughter Courtney who is 21 and a son Patrick who is 15.

And what has he been up to ? "Prior to being married at age 35, I had lived in Nashville, TN and Sandusky, Ohio while working for Oscar Mayer. After moving back to Madison and getting married to my wife Cynthia, we bought a house in 1986 in the Nakoma neighborhood, four doors down from where I grew up in Madison. My daughter Courtney attended Edgewood and is now a Junior at Marquette University. My son, Patrick is a now a Freshmen at Edgewood and it’s been fun to get back into the Edgewood scene. For the past three years, Patrick has been taking drum lessons from ’69 alum Dave Heilman. I still enjoy golfing, attending Badger games, and have tried to stay involved in the community. I am completing my third year as Co-President of Sertoma of Madison, a local and national service club that provides resources for the hearing impaired population.

For the past 20 years, I been doing something that I would never thought possible when I was in High School and that is acting, including singing and dancing (not a pretty sight) on stage in front of large audience in a play. I have been one of the principle actors in the Nakoma neighborhood’s annual musical / comedy dinner theater, which is entitled 12th Night. This year marks the 86th consecutive year this event has taken place."

Favorite memory....."Christmas vacation of our freshman year when fellow ’69 alums and golf team members Dave Heilman, Ed Murphy, Steve Mueller, and myself drove Steve’s dad’s car down to Biloxi, MS to practice our golf games. On New Year’s Eve we actually drove over to New Orleans but when we arrived at around 11:30 P.M. we had no idea where we could park or where to go. We simply drove around the city for awhile and then drove back to Biloxi. Talk about a bunch of losers. When we got home, Steve’s car had to be junked because we had abused it so on our little trip. "

Thanks Michael - and I don't know about the rest of you - but I want to go to 12th Night.

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