Sunday, May 30, 2010


Bobby Lumina and his wife Beth are living in Madison, WI. They have two children: Alix is 23 and Tony is 21.

Bobby is a bartender at Alt n' Bach's - he has been "Working at a great place for the last 23 years and enjoying it very much."

His favorite memories of EHS ?- making great friends "remembering all the people I made friends with at Edgewood and what a great school Edgewood is."

Thanks Bobby! See you in July ?

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Joe said...

Bobby Lu!!! - This is your old buddy from Gallagher Tent and Awning - "Get that fricken stake puller and start pulling stakes - swing that fricken hammer and start pounding stakes".

Thanks to Mary Byrne I'm leaving you this message-we will have our 40th on July 10th at the Vilas Shelter.