Saturday, May 15, 2010


Mark Manion and his wife Rita are living in Leesburg, VA. They have three children : Meghan, 32 - Katie, 29 - and Patrick, 22.

Mark is currently employed by BAE Systems, Inc in the DC area.

So - what else has he been doing? "Currently overseeing all of the Company's risk management and insurance activities in the US.

Beyond that, enjoy family, boating, cars, squash and traveling.

Married an Edgewood College gal, Rita, from Chicago.

Have two daughters out in the working world, and one son, who is a senior at VA Tech. This effort is almost finished!

It's fun to catch up with EHS classmates on FaceBook. "

Favorite EHS memories? "The day that I set-off the fire alarm, before home-room at EHS, and had to deal with Sister Seraphica, thereafter.

Does anyone know what happened to Roberto Garcia or Pedro ??? after EHS?"

Thanks Mark - hope to see you this summer.

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