Monday, May 10, 2010


David Lemanski and his wife Ellen are living in Mt. Horeb, WI. They have four children: Alex (Kristi) 29, - Aniela, 27 - Matthew , 21 - and Laura, 15. No grandchildren yet "What are grandchildren, you think I am that old or what!! You trying to hustle geezers!!!!!"

Dave thinks he is still working: "Last I knew I had a job. The boss has not fired me yet. Attorney in sole practice. Does that mean I can fire myself? Can I get unemployment? "

And how has he been spending his leisure time? "Raising kids and paying bills. Being a den leader, a cub master, a popcorn kernel, an explorer post advisor, teaching religious ed, going to band concerts (probably hundreds), choir concerts, orchestra concerts, band shows, solo-ensemble festivals, basketball games, swimming meets, soccer games, track meets, high school football games to see the band perform, college football games to see the band perform, parent teacher conferences (at least 150), high school musicals (6 and counting), college musicals, high school plays, college art shows (eldest son), senior college music recitals (eldest daughter 2), numerous college band concerts, college orchestra concerts, college choir concerts, traveling from Pasadena CA to Boston MA and dozens of places in between to see drum corps shows, running a Bingo hall on Friday nights and doing yearly car washes so my kids can go from Pasadena CA to Boston MA to do drum corps shows. In my spare time I try to serve a a commission or two, rehab two turn the century era (1899 to 1900) buildings (this was and is never-ending). When I really feel the urge I play with my woodworking tools, cut the grass, try my hand at growing flowers and veggies, and once in a while pull out my camera and take pictures. Monday through Sunday I try to represent my clients. "

How about some favorite memories.......

"I am still making my favorite memory. From High School: Watching John Staley "edge up Edgewood", the senior homecoming barndance and taking Denny McKinley's picture with a music baton stuck up his nose and wearing a couple of bunny ears from one of my confederates. I tell my kids during our senior year Sharon Gallagher and I had a Flute-French Horn duet which we (really Sharon) took to the state solo-ensemble festival. I played whole notes and Sharon got to star."

Thanks Dave - this was such fun to read - and happy to know we will see you in July.

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