Saturday, April 17, 2010


Thomas Swanson lives in Portsmouth, VA with his wife Kari. They have three children: Kelsey is 33, Abby is 31 and Lindsay is 27. They also have three grandchildren.

Tom is retired........(JEALOUS). And how has he been spending all this free time? "Focusing on family and friends, I do some occasional consulting for business, run, spend time with the grand children."

Favorite memory? In this case I think it was "Biggest Memory"......"I skipped school one Friday, the next Monday in the morning announcements I was called to report to Sister Serafagus? office. I knew it was probably about Friday. I had to meet here at admissions, she was very small and frail so how bad could it be?? Well lets just say I was chipping ice and doing after school for two weeks. To this day her lecture and scolding is probably the worst I've ever had."

AH HAHAHA I love this!

And I love knowing that we will see you in July.

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