Thursday, April 8, 2010


Deborah Walsh Brunmeier and her husband Michael are living in Campbellsport, Wi and have four children : Melanie, 31 - Josh, 30 - Jared, 29 and James , 27. Michael has his own business and Deborah (she'll always be Debbie to me) works part-time as a secretary for him.

What else have they been doing? "Our children had the nerve to grow up and leave home. Not only did they leave home, but they left the country! Our daughter is living in the Virgin Islands, and 2 of our sons have been living in Perth, Australia for the past 3 1/2 years. Our oldest son was in the Marines and part of the Recon group who led the invasion of Iraq (we fortunately did not know that) He has just graduated from UW-M with a degree in Civil Engineering, and is job hunting.
My husband owns his own business and works long hours. When he can get away we chase the children around the world visiting them. We did make it to Australia last February - quite an experience: the boys arranged a wine tour, canoe trip, body surfing in the Indian Ocean, dune climbing etc. Mike doesn't mind if I travel without him, and so I do! Our oldest son and I went somewhere every May, right after finals - we adventured in Australia, Portugal and Istanbul. It was great. We plan our own trips, and rent apartments instead of hotel rooms, and spend a lot of time mixing with "the locals", getting lost, people watching, cafe sitting and other such fun activities. Being history lovers we try and visit as many museums as possible! We figure that most days we walk about 8 miles. "

How about some favorite memories "Camping trips with the girls - Denise cooking breakfast over the campfire
Sleepovers at Denise Marquis's cottage.... the boys would sneak down and "spy" on us, hide under cars, grab ankles etc etc
Sailing on Lake Mendota and all the mishaps that invariably occurred

Thanks, Deborah - looking forward to seeing you in July.

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