Monday, June 7, 2010


Jim Schulte is living in Richfield, MN with his wife Connie and their 16 year old daughter Lucia.

Jim is a small business owner.

What has he been up to these last years? "I started a business a couple years ago importing and selling microscopes. Before that I sold scopes for 25 years and did some large format photography, but now my darkroom days are over. Two years ago I got married (for the 3rd time--at least for me marriages are like pancakes--it takes a few to get them right)--and now I have--Connie's great! Either that or my extended adolescence is finally over. These days I'm teaching my 16 year old daughter, Lucia to drive--I love it--she actually listens to me and I get to be right...

Favorite EHS memory "A rowdy study hall interrupted by "the pope" ( remember her?) chewing us out saying "God is here, God is here!" Personally I think God liked our jokes."

HA ! Thanks Jim - happy to know we'll see you this summer.

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Mary Kay Wackwitz said...

I am glad that you are coming to the reunion. Which one was the pope--trying to figure it out, but there were several possibilities!!
Mary Kay