Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Yes - I confess I STOLE this photo from the yearbook office. You can even see where I folded it in half and probably put under my sweater. Hey ! I worked hard on this yearbook - I earned it. What are you gonna do to me Gregg....take away my birthday? Look at that Neal - always a rebel....and excuse me, Steve, are you wearing gloves? Whatever - I am looking for photos - so any of you that have some to share - you can email them to me or send them to me ( and I will return them). Let's have some fun with this.


Anna said...
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Anna said...

Mary, why are you not smiling? What is Lynaugh smiling about because he looks like the cat that ate the mouse? At what is P. looking? Neal definitely does not want to be there.

Thank you for creating and maintaining this blog. It should be great fun to follow.

Anna said...

I have been reading the inscriptions in my yearbook. There are not very many. I remember that I could not think of anything clever to write in your books so I chose to sit and visit with Mr. and Mrs. Shimanski. – A very fun alternative!

Most of the inscriptions included the phrase “Let’s keep in touch”. It was so easy to use that phrase and not realize how difficult it was going to be to do something that seemed so simple. Everyone does not use Facebook so it is nice we have a place (this blog) to reconnect and “Keep in touch”. Thank you again Mary!

If you want to post something, email Mary ( This is not the time to be shy. I hope that those years are behind us. You do not have to be like Mary and share the deep secrets of thievery (I still cannot believe you have that photo after all these years!). We just want to hear from you even if to say hello. After all, keeping in touch in its purest form is a simple hello!