Saturday, May 23, 2009


Well.....SOMEONE had to do it !

Conventional Wisdom is that it is too late for a 40th Reunion for our class - but that will give us a year to plan a wonderful gathering in 2010. Hopefully the economy will have begun it's rebound and a trip to Madison will be a possibility for those living at a distance. This will also give us time to plan something worthy of the journey.

If the economy still sucks ...we can have a big coupon exchange.

So - stay tuned for the unfolding of a great adventure.....we are gathering info and preparing a "Save the Date" mailing soon. Of course "Soon" in old people's speak is 2 months........'cause that's how long it takes. And yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, we are old !!

And if anyone shows up looking too young - we'll all know you've had work done.


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Peg Lucas said...

Received this about another "All City" 40th Reunion:

Hi all:

I had your email address from the informal reunion activity back in 2004.

I’ve attached the West invitation for our 40th. We will again be holding an informal gathering on Friday, August 7th at the Coliseum Bar. Memorial will be joining in and possibly some from Central.

I have been in contact with your Edgewood Alumni Office in the hopes of getting the word out to members of your class. I have also kept Tom Shipley in the loop.

Please pass the word and the invitation.

Bill Schultz (West grad)